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The new Odyssey launched the new electric end door on December 28

  A few days ago, Aika Auto learned from exclusive channels that GAC Honda’s current Odyssey was discontinued in November, and the new Odyssey will be listed on December 28. The current Odyssey officially launched in April 2019, and made a good result, and the top ten lists of sales in the MPV market. After 2 years and a half, the medium-term change in consumer expectations appeared in the Guangzhou Auto Show, in addition to more stable appearance, the new Odyssey added electric tail and power, and the current model was consistent.

  As a medium-term change model, Odyssey’s appearance is to be a change in big knife. Compared with the current model, the new Odyssey has become more stable, the air intake grille, the headlight group is relatively "introverted", and the new Odyssey will use the LED light source. The body size of the new Odyssey has also been adjusted. Compared with the length of the new car, the length of the new car has increased, so that the space in the car is especially a relatively abundant leg space for the second row and the third row.

  The new Odyssey steering wheel is changed from the old four spoke design to triam design, and the buttons on both sides have also been adjusted, and the steering wheel is a leather package.

The medium control screen of the new car uses a suspended design. The knob that adjusts the volume is also set on the left. Honda intellectual interconnect system is built, supported by voice control, car home interconnection, mobile phone remote control and OTA online upgrade.

  In terms of power, the new Odyssey continues to carry the oil-electric hybrid system, the maximum power of the Atkinson circulating engine, the maximum power of 107KW (146 hp) / 6200 rpm, the maximum torque 175nm / 3500rpm; the maximum power of the drive motor 135KW (184 horsepower), maximum torque 315 nm; system Integrated power 158KW (215 hp). Match the E-CVT gearbox.