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And his brother ancient cloud,This is the disciple of lotus,I just went home soon.,If you know this,I will definitely find the summer life.。

Desperately……Ancient morning doesn’t want to know what the result is。
The arrangement of the family is right。
But four uncles,Also let him give birth to a hint,“Four uncles,Are you anense for me??”
Middle years did not answer directly,But,“I am free to email,You should have peace of mind now,Right,How about injury?”
Ancient morning is silent。
But my face has emerged for despair and unwilling color.。
Lu Xiang and Guo Zhengmin were more faces changed.,Atmosphere does not dare。
See this scene,Middle age is a glimpse,The face is gloomy。
He looks to Lu Xiang and Guo Zhengmin,It is not suspicious.,“You said。”
“Four uncles……”
Ancient morning voice,Low and hoarse,Both eyes have become extremely red,It’s like a beast that chooses people.。
“I am abolished!”
He finally vented the anum of the heart.,“My gas sea was abolished,Crushing fracture,Four uncles……I am abolished!You have to revenge me.!”
Middle-aged face change,“Gas sea was abolished,Crushing fracture?But really!”
After getting a message,Ancient morning is still in surgery,People who don’t know the specific situation。
Even from Lu Xiang and Guo Zhengmin, I learned that the limbs were interrupted.,I have never thought of it seriously,It turned out to be a crushed fracture。
“What is going on??Don’t miss it at all,Tell me the detail of things from the head to the end。”
This time,Ancient morning is not concealed。
Even the mysterious thing is also telling it.。
After he said,Middle-aged face is imitation like drops of water。
For a long time。
He has a deep breath,Slowly turn,A pair of wild-filled eyes staring in Lu Xiang and Guo Zhengmin。
“If you are not you,Ama can’t go to meet with that summer……”
Feel the eyes of the other,Lu Xianghe Guo Zhengmin’s face suddenly became pale,Fear fear。
“Four uncles,Don’t blame them。”
Ancient morning voice,“Even if they don’t,I will also do my hands in the summer.。”
Middle age calls out a breath,Eye, like a skate knife,Spit out a word,“Roll!”