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“Qing Palace to Summer!”Cracking face,Pulling the Qing Dynasty,Tooth,“Don’t give me this joke!”

“joke?”Perhaps it is a continuous reason for a few days without sleeping.,The mind of the Qing Palace is also slightly confusing,Where is it in a time?,It’s still inexplicably watching a few people.,“Isn’t it what I said??”He is thinking,Suddenly I saw Xiaomei teacher。
“How do teachers like being waters??”Qing Paper frown,Be with,Xiaomei teacher suddenly felt warm in the body,Not a few seconds of Kung Fu,When Xiaomei teacher bowed,Slightly surprise,My clothes are actually dried.。
“”See the means of the Qing Palace,“Pajamas party”Three groups more speechless,Especially cracking,I can’t stop the color of a pretty face,Looks with pink,It is cute。
Steier’s slightly,How did this become like this??
“Ah, hahaha,It turned out to be like this hahaha.”After listening to the end,Successful laughter in the Qing Dynasty,Then I wanted to kill people in the god.,I can’t help but secretly。
Never let them know,That rain is what I made.
However, after such a trip,Have to recognize,Although the atmosphere changed,However, the feeling of being pulled forward before, it has completely disappeared.。
perhaps,This is a good news.?
“so,You come here,What is it for dry?。”The Qing Palace is lazy, and the smashed table in Xiaomei teacher.,The image has no yawn,“This will not just borrow bath towel”Half,The Qing Dynasty fiercely felt sharp and sharp stinging,It’s a poke your skin surface.,Don’t look up and know,It is a cracked in myself.。
“Is it to determine that she has escaped?。”Steier is reluctant,It seems that I want to disperse the atmosphere of everyone.,Faintly said,“after all,Your presence,For her is a‘shackles’,our aim,Just to determine this matter。”Say,He looked up and squinted against the upper.,“but,It seems that it looks quite good。”
“‘shackles’?”The upper face is gloomy looks at Steier,“How are you planning??”
“should say,What are you planning?。”Wearing neat cracked looked quietly,Sigh,“We came to the urban city,In fact, there is no idea with the power of the power to the end.,Our destination itself,Just bringing back to this child。”Say,She looked at Yinski,Seeing that the latter is still hostile to look at yourself,The sigh in my heart is more。
“Let the people who cut such a small child to take her,Do you think I can do this??”Anti-laugh,“Your mouth,Take away, she is to save her.,Who is said about this kind of thing?!”
“This is real。”Steier said faintly,“after all,‘Complete memory ability’The thing is indeed,Otherwise, she will not be existed as a private list of banned books.,That 100,000 Magic books occupied the 85% of her memory.,The rest of this kind of space,Do it again for a year”Speaking of which,Steier’s face can’t help but,Although his quick recovery is normal,But but didn’t have the attention of the Qing Dynasty.。
“Make people lose memory,Lose past,What is the difference between and lose the soul?!”Angry,“This matter”
“Do you think we are willing to do?!”Steier stood up,A collar of the upper strip,Furious low,“Do you think we haven’t worked hard??I don’t know anything.,Give me a mouth!”
“The shuttered person is you!”The upper strip is also angered,It seems that natural and Steier don’t deal with it.,Both people have to play here。
“Give me a hand。”Qing Palace,‘Absolute field’Expand,Then two people feel that the air seems to be hot.,Sir Isolated,Steier is still good,The upper strip is frown。
“Here is the urban city。”The Qing Dynasty looked at the god with a warning.,The latter is slight,Scientific Steier calm down,I then looked up and looked at the Qing Palace.。
“and also,Who tells you,Inbike a year to clear a memory?”The Qing Palace said softly,“This kind of thing is scientific,But not so good.!”
The voice of the Qing Palace is not large.,Can be in the hearts of two magicians,It is no more than a thunder.,In their hearts,Crashed!
(This chapter is over)
NS105chapter Human brain human heart
This is not so good for science.
“What does it mean!”Steier’s eyes are large,Raise your head,Dead staring at the Qing Palace,“What does it mean!”
“Meant,Is the meaning of the surface.。”Qing Dynasty,Random,“Complete memory ability,Delete a memory one year,This ghost,Only guys who have this kind of guys who have no difference in science will believe。”
“What did you say!”Steier’s eyes,“Do you say,We are all fake?”
“I don’t say this.,Although the truth is。”The Qing Palace seems to be in deliberate gas history,The tone is still not uncommon,“but,You are not intentional,should say,What you say is that you think is something that is truth.。”
“Qing Palace,I respect your strength,”God crafted frown,Speak out,“but,Please don’t tease me so much.。”
“do not,Waiting for me to finish。”Qing Palace,Ace,He is still very respectful in his heart,The reason why it is speaking with Steier,Ali is just his character makes,Don’t do anything else,“Let me from another angle from the world,Come to you, explain it.。”
“Touched。”God cracks lightly,Sitting slightly,Steier,Press anxiously,Quietly listen quietly,And Diki is a doubtful look at everyone.,From time to time to watch the two sides,Although I know they are discussing themselves,But you can’t understand what they are saying.。
but,Yintker is a bright girl,She fully feels,No matter who,At this moment, I have no malicious malicious.,Have a“enemy”。
As for the upper and Xiaomei teacher,It’s also listening carefully.。
“Complete memory ability,This thing does exist。”The Qing Dynasty took a sip of water,Slowly say,“According to your statement,Plus, I understand this ability according to science,Probably can clearly record important people and things,And no matter how tightless memory,For example, there are people from people to everyone to everyone.、Green tree on the leaves,I can remember one Qing Dynasty.。This is understood that there is no mistake.?”
“Be right。”I nodded,“but,It is also what should be this kind of body,This child is selected as a result.‘Forbidden book catalog’,People’s brain storage of hundreds of thousands of magic books。”Speaking of which,God’s face,“It is also these magic books,Let her have no way to use magic,Her magic is used“Automatic secretary”Automatic operation of the system。”
“I don’t know what‘Automatic secretary’What magic is。”The Qing Palace does not care about swing,The mouth is coming out of a smile,“According to your statement,Both of Yintick’s brain is occupied by the billions of 13,000 Magic books.,Leaves 15% of the brain can only be able to save a year of memory?”
“right。”Steier said,There is a touch of sound in the sound,“so,We will do it for her,Do not eliminate her memory,She can’t help it.。”