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“good!”Lu Yujun looked at her.,Gift clothing,Then I went to the store in the store to mention a few bags out.。

Yue Lingxi,Be all clothes。
“How so many clothes?”
Lu Weijun:“Give a gift of aunt and small peak。”
Yue Lingxi is very surprised:“There are many gifts that have been taken in the last time.,You do this, my mother will bear。”
Lu Yujun laughed:“I was serious,Aunt should be assured to give me it over.,Let it go,I will send you back.,Then send you up again,In order to let Auntie,I have to look at her every day.。”
Yue Lingxi smiled,I don’t think he said.,No rejection,Go back with him。
Forty minutes later,Two people arrived at home。
Yue Wei saw two people came back together,And there are still a lot of gifts,Yue Wei’s eyes have exposed a concern。
Lu Wei Jun knows that the colored look,Know the worry of Yue Wei。
“Aunt,Hello!”He is respectful to say hello。
“Hello,Come in。”Yue Wei is busy holding a gift。
Yue Lingxi into the house,Didn’t see Yue Lingfeng,“mom,Does Xiaofeng have not come back??”
Yue Wei smiled and said:“Xiaofeng called,overtime today。”
“Oh!”Yue Lingxi puts down the package,Sitting on the sofa。
Yue Wei gave two people poured water,Let Lu Yujun also sit down together。
Looking at their Lang Talent,Yue Wei is happy and worried。
“Have you eaten??”
“Aunt,We have eaten。”Lu Yi Jun warm voice answer。
“Then I will give you some fruits.。”
“Aunt,You don’t have to be busy.,I have a very full of Xixi tonight tonight.,I just thought about seeing aunt.。”Although Lu Yujun is not good,But from the small quarter and three younger brother,I still want to say it.。
Ye Wei is still surprising,She and their children are all people,Nothing to talk。
“What do you want to say??”She smiled and asked。
Get along,She felt that Lu Weijun looked proud of this child.,In fact, it is a very kind person.,The character is also very good。
“Aunt,Thank you for agreed that I and Xixi are together.,do not worry,This life, I won’t live up to the Xixi.。”Lu Yujun came over tonight,Is to eliminate the concerns of Yue Wei’s heart。
Yue Lingxi is also a glimpse,He is coming to see her mother’s,This is to convince her mother.。
Yue Wei looked at the beautiful daughter,Maybe because of falling in love,Be more beautiful。
“Honest,There is no special request for aunt.,Aunt I only hope that you will end from one。”Although there are very few examples in the giants,But she is a mother,In addition to making children happy this wish,There is nothing wishes in other other.。
“Please rest assured,I am sincere, I love Xi Xi.,Never live up to her。”Earlier before this,He has already determined his own heart.。
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Lu Weijun looked with a milder of Yue Wei,Then:“Aunt,I know that such a thousand commitments are worthless in this era.,But please aunt believes in me.。”
Yue Wei looked at him,Warm colored light,His nematic is very black,Very sincere。
Yue Wei is moving,I said this.,She is not good to say.,What is important is that her daughter likes,Even if there is any change in the future,I have no regrets。
No love,Insterently regret life。
“good,Aunt believes you!”Yue Wei is really not worried.。
Lu Wei’s sincere eyes,Touch her。
“Thank you aunt.!”Lu Yu Junsong got a breath。
“My parents come back next month.,I still want to invite aunt and my parents.,Discover my marriage with Xixi together。”
“Lu Weijun,what are you doing,I have not promised to marry you.。”Yue Lingxi looked at Lu Wei, who worried about her back.,Some funny。
Yue Wei can’t help but laugh,But this is good,Fame,Xixi will not be injured。