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It’s different now.,Chen Linzhi still still talks to Anna Tasia.,It seems that it is like it is true.,Moreover, Chen Linzhi himself is also high in the financial circle.,John·Walton’s ears。

Take a clutter,Walton family’s tutor is not bad,Several children don’t choose from,Do one of your favorite careers。
Current American Shougami·Walton,It’s just a hometown of the hometown in the early years.,Yinar Ying Fault relies on the retail industry,And the wife of the wife does not relax the education of children,Extremely cultivated them,And the former US Shoufu Paul·Gati compared to,The gap is one day。
Anna Tasia’s parents can develop to this step today,It is also the light of the old Walton couple.,If you don’t invest in Wal-Mart very early?,Nowadays, it is only more affluent in the small Tunville town.,How can I have over 100 million US dollars?。
John·Walton,After adult, I will help my father in Wal-Mart headquarters.,With a smart mind,It is very likely to take a work in the future to enter the Wal-Mart Board。
This will,See Chen Linzhi’s breath,John speaks to temporary,I said a bloody:“You are more young than me.,The physical strength is far less than I,It should be often sitting in the office.?This is not a good habit,Wealth has accumulated this point,The health of the body is far more important than making money.。”
“Previously like sports,Occasionally the morning run now,The pool at home is almost unbearable.。”
Chen Linzhi said with a smile。
His physical strength is actually not bad,But in the bed in the last few days,Women will be very troublesome,It is really laborious。
This kind of words,Of course, he will not pay against John·Walton said,So I have to put it true and false。
John only·Walton suddenly said:
“Allen,Have to say your achievements,I am expecting you before forever.,Some time ago, I saw about your report.,I simply made me a hop.,This kind of money is more powerful than my father.,My father is just a poor photo when you are so big.,Every day, Xin Xi is only to make money to support the family.,Wait until I started to go to school, I found that my home gradually became money.,How does it feel??”
“Of course it is very good,Occasionally, I feel like a star.,I used almost no one to pay attention to me.,Everyone will give me a greetings now.,This makes me very uncomfortable。”
Chen Linzhi said the big stroke,Before the member of the Walton family,No need to cover up for wealth。
After all, even after the financial crisis,Sam·Mr. Walton still has billions of US dollars assets,With the expansion of the Wal-Mart supermarket,Still become more affluent。
John·Walton rubs sweat,Rehabilitate the coat,So yourself and cold。
He listened to Chen Linzhi to finish,Haha smiled,Tell someone to tell:
“Just starting at the beginning,Getting it is accustomed,You need to learn to control your own mentality.,I have just lost myself when I have money.,Later sent the army,Participate in the real war,Then adjust your mind calm down。
You will feel that money is just a number.,People should control them,Instead of being influenced by them,I have recently established a charity fund.,Plan to rescue African animals,Is there any impulse to me??If you are before, you will,Now give some charity,What should you do?,Maybe I can help you adopt a silver back girange,Those guys have a high IQ。”
Turning,Almost let Chen Linzhi flashes the waist。
Thanks to him, I just think John·Walton’s ideological realm is quite high,I didn’t expect the paving to complete the horse to find my own check。
This makes Chen Linzhi crying,Tell;“Ok,How is 100,000 US dollars?,I prefer cute fat animals.,So it is best to help some hippo、Panda、Koala。”
“hippo?Who will be idle,Nothing to take the initiative to provoke them。
Elephant、Rhinoceros needs to be protected,Because people will spend money to buy their body organization,Thank you for your enthusiastic donation,If Anna Atas is asking, he said that you want to donate yourself.,So hate like I am bullying you。”
John·Walton finished,I am laughing first.,It is really good to see the temptation of Chen Linzhi.,Started to treat him as a member of the family member。
Chen Linzhi, of course, will not sing the opposition,I nodded and asked the topic.:“What you said is really war,Do you mean that the battle?”
“Be right,At that time, the scene was particularly tragic.,Some friends have lost their lives on the battlefield.,What is more tragedy is until now I haven’t found it.,What is the significance of causing such a war?,Laughing mad may only have arms business people,You will be better to deal with politiciars in the future.。”
“I didn’t like the group of people.,Now earn enough wealth,I only hope that I have a good time afterwards.,Take a look at the beauty of the world、Enjoy a variety of different foods。Besides,I personally and I manage the fund company,I have purchased a lot of stocks in Wal-Mart.,I hope it is best to rely on you.,Let me lay down the money。”
Chen Linzhi recently completely relaxed,Detained from the tension of the financial crisis,The idea also began to become a Buddha。
Listening to Chen Linzhi said this sentence,Sam·Walton Lift:
“I want to retire in advance,Become our Wal-Mart’s shareholders,This is definitely a wise decision,The global retail market is very large,The development space left to Irma is very broad.。
but,Summary businessman like you,I am afraid after a while, I will still feel that the days are boring.,Go back to the company again to do business,Just like my father,I remember that he said that he had already made a lot of money.,It’s still not around the world.,I can’t really calm down and enjoy life.。”