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Somet therefry。

But this time,Even if you are the nearest Zhou Shan,Nothing。
Everyone ‘s eyes,All stare at huge broadcast array。
One big hole in the sky,A strip of the ride of the mountains explored,Violent。
The mountainous forest on the ground has already collapsed,Those tentacles are also imprisoned in the round hundred miles。
But soon,People’s eyes will stay.。
I saw that the huge tentacle was in violent.,The above is not lost……Debris。
Do not!That is not debris。
That is a variety of magic and magic monsters。
Or,That root huge tentacle,Endless magic aggregation。
These monster’s shape,Hugeness。
Some sutures,Some is completely dark gold,And there are also people’s monsters,Like the same blood,Wrapped in a transparent fascia,Skating a variety of weapons。
I can even see a variety of green monsters,Full of breath。
A huge tentacle violently。
Like the old dragon!Dense,Endless monster falls on the ground,Like waves tide water generally coverage。
Not only that。
There are many seemingly very strong monsters flush in the air.……Overlay。
“Monster can fly……Isn’t that?,Isn’t it the strength of Ling Haijing??”
Some people open the battle。
However, did not wait for his voice,In one corner,Hundreds of strong people headed by Jiuzu,Almost once, it was swallowed.。
But people who see this scene,All exclaimed。
And don’t say other monsters,Just those who flush half-empty monsters, there are thousands of hundreds。
Jiuzu and other strong people have hundreds of people……How to play this?
There is a desperate color between many people’s look.。
But good at this time,That area suddenly broke out a large piece of gorgeous rainbow。
Knife、Sword、lightning、flame……All kinds of energy attacks out,Raging。
Hundreds of strong people to show their skills,The momentum is very powerful。
Clouds in the sky clutch,Rumina,璀璨 芒 虚 虚 虚,Big pieces of Xuanao,There is also a group of flames like burning over the sky.。
“Rumble”Circle thousands of meters,I turned into a blank moment.。
There have been a hundred strong people again in the field.。