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Qinling has no sign of four words。

Summer,磕 巴 巴 巴 道,“Cough……correct,What strength do you have?。”
“I am dizzy.,You are still so big menist。”
Qinling,Immediately reveal,“If this is the argument of our Huaxia,I should be an peak.。”
Summer suddenly stunned。
Then endless doubts。
He shocked in Qinling to reach the realm in just less than two years.……This is in ancient current,It is better than the enchanting.。
Can be confused……Even,Even if it is sneak attack,It is also impossible to hurt Liuhe Mountain.?
It’s too bad to go to people and to the virtual.。
Moreover, Liuhe Mountain has long been surpassed.。
“Yes,It’s barely to be people.?”
The colorful color of the Qinling Eyes,It seems that you can insider what you want in summer.。
She said,“You hit me a punch。”
NS2917chapter A second in advance
This world,Never lack the talent。
Everyone has its own different circumstances。
No one is the only darling of the world。
In addition to talent,Everything is also tough、will、And no effort。
Sometimes I have to admit it.。
Even with genius,Be a enchanting,There are also high points。
There are mountain high mountain,Strong self-strong。
Some people describe genius,Said is the ancestor。
Describe the enchanting,It is the old grandfather to eat rice.。
sometimes,Good talent,It’s so helpless.。
That is, this is not reasonable.。
no doubt,Whether it is the Summer Summer,Still now Qinling,Belong to the latter……Old Master is bundry。
Many people still work hard,Understand your own front and ideals。
Not for two years,Become a master from an ordinary person,If you say something,I am afraid that no one believes.。
I heard that Qinling makes yourself a punch.,Summer touching,Then there is no sign of a punch。
However, there is a surprising scene.。
Just just,Make a punch,Qinling actually seems to predict,Not only avoided in advance,And a pole cut down。
This moment,His strength has been vent,Want to recover yet。
But in summer battle consciousness,But it is clear what will happen next.。