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Zhou Sheng said to the balcony。

Old Week has already lifted a telescope higher,Direct to the river,Always shaking around,A pair of looking at Jiangshan。
Turn around:“What are you looking at?”
Lao Zhou pointed to the river:“I used to bought it.,Opposite or a farmland,Also see the rape flower,I am full of houses now.……I heard that the development of Yancheng will move over there.,I have to buy a few houses there.。”
“Telescope gives me a look。”Zhou。
“time to eat。”Old week refused。
Do not affect,Take the current vision,It’s not as good as the old demon.,But too much than ordinary people.。
So he looked at the probably seen before the old Week.,Slightly look,I found two people sitting in the waterfront in the fog.,Well-dressed,Laid the fish。
Really naive。
The first childish place is that he still can’t recognize it.。
The sound of the dining room,Zhou has no exposure to the old week,Just talking about him.‘time to eat’,Take a turn。
The tableware has already been placed.。
The sense of accomplishment is again。
Because chopsticks are his own carvings。
Take a small spoon in the dishes,Convenient,It is also his carving。
The wood spoon of the rice is still his car.,For this reason, Jiang Yan even throws a better use of original plastic spoon。
There is also a wooden shovel with a non-stick pan、Fried chopsticks。
Since Zhouzhi sculpt,The family has added a lot of things.,No exception is very beautiful。
Even when his carving is not outstanding,But I can’t hold him without cost.,Often use the best wood to carve,Reek,Failure, will come again。Just like a spoon of 饭,He will carry it into a shape of a small fish.,Fish scales。He also carved pattern on chopsticks,Engrave the word。
See you with your own hand,And use every day,Zhou……
Chapter 553 What card, I am looking for you.
There are many people on the daytime road.。
Only when the year is in previous years, the rivers will be covered with lanterns.,Sometimes put cartoon color light on the lawn,I haven’t seen it all the way all the way today.。
There are a few scorpions in the afternoon sun.,Only wear a thin coat outside,Walking on the road or feel hot,I want to take off the jacket away。In that, there is only one short-sleeved.,Others are afraid that he will feel very strange。
Itself,It’s hotter than holding a group.。
Zhouzi tried to discuss:“The group of people came down and walked.,I am sweating.。”
“not good。”
“But holding a group of adults.。”
“You are not saying this winter in winter.。”
A lady opposite a US bulldog walking through。
The awareness of the group is tightened,Even reach out the claw hook the wrap of the watery,And twisted, looked at this dog.,Until the lady took the dog, she walked away.,The sound is very low:“This seems like the TV……Oops, you don’t want to blow a whistle against it.!”
“Which TV?”Zhouzhi asked。