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Lid back,She folds paper,Throw with one hand,Basket paper fly into the bedroom。Then she shakes two lang legs,Also shake the chair,Very rhythmic brush up,She finds that she can quickly understand the human world of this era very efficiently.。

Half an hour later。
The fragrance of crayfish floating out。
The king is very investing in the living room.,It’s also the same as the nange.。
Zhou wrapped around the sofa behind her lying down,Border,Work hard to sleep,But I can’t sleep.,There is even more and more clear feelings。
Du Wang Head didn’t return:“Can’t sleep,Do you want to eat??”
“Need not。”
“you’re welcome。”
“……This is my point。”Zhou Zhihe,“I am too lazy to brush another teeth.。”
“Brush what tooth?”
“Finish,Wash,Cleaning the mouth,When you have finished eating, remember to brush your teeth,I teach you to use electric toothbrush。”Zhou wrapped around the blanket,Only revealing a head,Because the blanket is too thin with certain slim performance,So he chose to sleep,“I have to have a night from the next night.。”
“Human is really trouble!”
Zhou thinks that it is often said that,A touch of smile,Eyes open slightly,Even the feelings are also soft.:“what about the taste?”
“not bad。”
“Why do you want to transform into a person??”
“Um?You don’t sleep?”
“Can’t sleep。”
“Don’t tell you。”
“Guess yourself。”
Zhou turn over the sofa side,Decided not to talk to her.,She kill her。
This method really works,After a few minutes later,A little lobster is soon there is a few left.,The king of the king eat slowly,At the same time, I found a few words and thought about it.,Zhou Zhiyu did not hear it,It’s uncomfortable。
Until the group is fascinating from the bedroom,Keep the image of a small cat,Eyes are stimulated by light,Foot, like a dream,Say the nose while walking,Confused: “His Hall, you are eating Sish……
“We have no wake up a group of people.……”
Zhou turn over,In the eyes, you will reflect the wide white body.、Little kittens without shoes,A pair of small short legs crystal clear as jade,God is not melting。
Du Wang loudly,Still not return,But it seems that the ends of the end:
“It turns out that you are good.!
“Click one’s tongue,Humanity……”
This temple is the same as Nange。