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Finished dinner,Xia Jian is going to Pingdu City immediately。Before leaving,He said to Zhao Hong:“Your father-in-law and in-laws may not come back,So you might as well come to my house for dinner,Anyway, it’s just a lot of chopsticks“

“You’re right,My father-in-law’s elder nephew called the other day and said,My mother-in-law is helping him with the baby now,My father-in-law got a job in the city where he works,So I won’t be back in recent years,Let me run this home“When Zhao Hong said this,Sighed long。
Sun Yuejuan takes a look,He was busy smiling and said to Zhao Hong:“Jian’er is right,from now on,You come to my house to eat,Live,Anyway, there are so many houses,We are also lively when you come“
Several people said and laughed and sent Xia Jian to the entrance of the village,Just when Xia Jian was about to get in the car,Wang Youcai ran over in his broken jeep。He has a sudden stop,The dust flew up immediately。
“Yo!President Xia!What’s going on here?It’s like life and death“Wang Youcai stuck his head out of the car window,Yin said the weirdest。
Zhao Hong’s eyes stared,Chong Wang Youcai shouted:“Can say no,Don’t say get out,Don’t spray manure here“
“Yo!So sorry for him!I don’t think you should be too concerned,Don’t you see,Besides beautiful women beside him, there are beautiful women,He would still cherish you, rural woman,Save it!“Wang Youcai finished,I drew my head back in a panic。He was afraid that Zhao Hong would beat him。
Watching the jeep drive towards the middle of the village,Xia Jian couldn’t help but shook his head。Xia Zecheng on the side smiled and said:“Lao Wang’s family is starting to suffer again,Wang Youcai made some money by mining outside,Built the first house in the whole village in Xiping Village,Now you can even park your car in your yard“
“Ah!No wonder!I said why he drove into the village“Xia Jian said,Opened the door。
Everyone was in a good mood,Can be disturbed by Wang Youcai,Especially Zhao Hong,Her mood suddenly fell three thousand feet。Although Wang Youcai deliberately irritated her,But what he said is true。Zhao Hong knew this for a long time,But it was broken by others,She is still very uncomfortable。
Xia Jian saw this scene in his heart,But he doesn’t have much to say。The car finally drove away from Xiping Village,Xia Jian closed his eyes a little annoyed,He wants to take a nap,But where can I fall asleep。
Xi Zhen drove the car,Whispered:“President Xia!You might as well talk to me,I might be sleepy in a while“Xi Zhen’s voice is sweet and gentle。
Xia Jianyi listen,Sat up straight。He smiled and said:“You mean you can sing a lullaby?“Xia Jian casually made a joke,He doesn’t want to bring the unpleasant atmosphere into this car。
Xi Zhen smiled and said:“I can’t sing,But i would say,Can talk to make you fall asleep“
“is it?Why didn’t I realize you have such a great skill before?“Xia Jian said,Ben haha laughed。
Xi Zhen changed the topic:“President Xia!I overheard from Donna,Mr. Wang wants to give her company seat to Donna,Let Donna help her keep running her company,She seems to be going to Yunsifang”
“Who did you listen to?I do not know how?”Xia Jian hurriedly asked。As the saying goes,Xi Zhen said this,There must be some basis,She is not a nonsense person。
Xi Zhen took a deep breath and said:“When I went to Donna’s office two days ago,She is arguing with someone on the phone,I overheard,It probably means this”