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Gao Baoyi will sink to ask the weekly weeks of strict surveillance.。

“Governor,But half a time。These scouts seem to have to think about the river。”
Duan Yu is too small to see yourself?
Gao Biyi has an odd thought。
The water river is the only barrier in the north of Yucheng.。
Or in other words,The city of Yucheng, the Wei Guo, the Warring States, was positioned as a fortress.,In fact, it is to prevent Zhao Guo from the Water.,And guarding the Korean Qin State from Changzhi Basin is also the Jincheng area from the Jincheng, Henan Kaifeng City。
So in turn,Yucheng is the capital city,Then these two ways are the only way to the city.。
Dragoni is considered such an important pass,Do you not go??
One time,Gao Baoyi has a sense of shame。However, after depression of the inner anger,I feel that there is nothing wrong with this.。
At least,Arrogant,Duan Zhao is so drifting,The opportunity to win is a big bit.。
soon,The fire on the other side disappeared in the field of vision,It should be returned to the water.。
“The crowds listen!It is an enemy for the other side of tomorrow.,Be brave and enemies,Reward!Not only you,And your children can also read the martial arts,Your parents can also be old!
This time, for the sake of my high-ali,I remember him all my life.!After that, they are the hardcore.,Is a brothers who are fighting for blood!
If anyone comes to escape,hehe,I will stand up a shame in the city wall of Yucheng City.,Carne its name in the shame column,After the world!
You lost this person,I will see your parents’ kids, don’t lose this person.!
Zhang Wei!Reminder the Three Army tonight,I will give me a spirit tomorrow.!More cooking ginger soup gives the soldiers!For a group of people!”
For the weeks, the gods of the gods, the generosity of the gods, generous, generous, a tenth soup,Gao Baoyi goddess leisurely left the Shuihe Covered Bridge。
Raining,Be with a fight,Wear,Overhead,Ripple。Don’t say it first, can you win?,At least this military discipline and endurance,Already the level of this era first-class army。
It is very likely that the military is far from the Xixiang of Six Town.。
Very satisfied with this Gao Biyi,certainly,Can’t say this,Say that the Qiu Babi is not beautiful.。
After returning to the handsome account,Gao Biyi saw Cui Niangzi’s home servant Cui Zhongjing stood in the entrance to the big account.,Waiting for Gao Bo Yi。
“How Cui Bo came?”
Gao Baoyi,I feel some strange。Cui Zhong is a long-awaited relative in his high German, Cui Niangzi,I have always been a letter。He is here at this moment.,It means that the meaning of Cui Niangzi。
“Alang,Last time you said something you want to get,I brought it。”
Cui Zhong moved a wooden box on the ground to the table,Open the box。Inside with blue and red jars,There are two。
“blue,Inside is mounted,The average person can throw a dozens of steps。In case of Mars,Immediately ignite,Water is not destroyed,As long as it is stained,Just like the bones,Don’t blame things, it is not destroyed.!”
Fierce oil,Specific ingredient,But the main component is a mixture of natural oil than natural oil.。Nort-North Dynasties,Northern Wei Dynasty,In stock and use records。Why is it not used behind?,Probably because it is not good,And because of the war craftsman to escape。
Gao Bao is curious。
Cui Zhonghuo,Discover four no one,Join it in Gao Baoyi ear, half-day。
“Make up?”
“Um,The horror is not a problem。But use in people,Is it better than this blue jar。”
Cui Zhongxin said with a sense,It seems quite fear of this red clay pot。
“What is the workshop of the North City??Needless to send the gods to guard?”
This kind of hit,It’s hard to protect it.。to be honest,This is used to assassinate,It’s really a burning。
Where can I know that Cui Zhong shook his head?:“At present, the workshop declares that the dye workshop,Some pharmacies in the weekdays will not be suspicious.。
But Alang is awarded,It’s not a way to tell others is very important.?”
have to say,Cui Zhongli has been with Cui Niangzi for more than ten years.,Saddle,Do things Gu He Gu,Consider something very week。Protect a place,In addition to letting people guard,There is also a way,It is not to guard at all.。