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If you change others,Then I don’t dare to guarantee what happens.,Or no extreme events happen。

The two came to the study,It has been baked with charcoal,Even some hot。Two people sitting,Big eyes,Are waiting for the other side to open first。
“It is Gao Baoyi’s rabbit scorpion to let you discourage?”
Dendrobel is asked with his eyes。
This is an obvious thing,Billow light is not concealed,There is no need to hide。
“How did he defeat Duan??Whether you see you with your own??”
The most concerned issue,In fact, how is the color of the Gao Bo Yi in the battlefield?。Political wrist,Will not fight,Yes, you can’t get the world。
Any era,The emperor must be the biggest army’s warlord head!otherwise,Sitting unstable River Mountain。
The first half of the battle of the Battle of God,Say to give the law,Behind“Four-sided Chu song”Thing,Not much,Just a strike,That is, Gao Baoyi belt the strange troops night attack,Duan Shao Huang fled。
Hear here,Dendrobelled frown,Faceless,Do not believe in dendroblid。
“Listen to you,It is also a medium rule.,There is no strange thing.。”
There is a picture of two armies in the brankin,All armies,Have a winner,I didn’t say that I was divided into winning.。
Duan Zhao is not so frustrating?There is no bitter in the evening.?Let people have stolen directly.?impossible!
Amusement is not allowed,He thinks the key to this war,These are not mentioned in derivatal。This is the intuition of a sand field。
“actually,There is still a son, I didn’t say it.。”
Bimoguang,Taking Yang Su with dozens of humanitarian Duan Biao Camp with the Rolley of Raw。
“Four sides Chu song?”
The Rollers of the Rolls in the Roller’s Rigading,I have a little ink in my stomach.。He understands,Why did Duan Yao defeated,Because the Rolley of Raw is staying in Jinyang.!
Duan Qi’s own,Put this place to be a good thing.!The foundation of the wall has been loose.,Now the powerful opponents play in the cracks.,result,The powerful Jinyang is so far like this.。
How difficult is Jinyang Xianbei now,No one is more known to be a law.。Jinyang City is unable to hold,Bills gold put into light,Not to bargain。
What he most wants is,Gao Baoyi,What kind of person is it?!
If it is a few years ago,Amusen knows that Gao Baoyi has a achievement today,So,He must kill this person at all costs.。Use a sentence to describe,Just call:This is no longer。
But can I say this??It will become a shame of the lawn home.!You don’t let people,Now people’s power,I still don’t want to let you go.!
“The most difficult,It is a human heart.!”
Amusen felt,So powerful Jinyang Xianbei,It’s just because I have adapted“Hedawa”,Mysterium,Have a few thousand else to play flowers!
In fact, the law is also considering the war.,He thought that Gao Baoyi will compress absolute advantage,I didn’t expect key moments,Other party,With thousands of elite,Broken Duan Qi big camp!
It is incredible,Think,Also feel quite reasonable。Soldiers are not more,In the fine,Key to see how you use you。Two armies,How much is the two parties?,Form a kind of“Trend”。
Lesson,Will be weak。at this time,The number of troops is useful。
However,Key time hammer,But it is often more important to the extension of the army.,The quantity is not important.。Such as raid,You have tens of thousands of people,That’s sure team,Very quiet,It is easy to find。
And a lot of special soldiers,At the crucial moment,But enough to reverse the Qiankun。
Duan Yao is not awkward!
“This battle,Captive should be a lot,Gao Boyi kills??You have no discouragement at the time?”
Can you discourage??
Bulder,Hesitated for a long time,I don’t know where I should start.。