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Two hands in the location of the wine Yibei, their position exploded,Several cars rushed from the front,Man in the car, a water shot shot with the surrounding devils and specialist,A person is moving with Zheng Yao first runs quickly.。
At this time, all the devils have been pulled over.,Ball shooting in Zheng Yao first shot……
NS237chapter I will give them surgery
Four cars rushed over,A water’s submachine gun scans the devil and special agent,Thermal suppression makes the devil almost can’t start,But after all, there are too many enemies.,Still can’t beaten。
Tan Lin took Zheng Yao first running the body and suddenly,Zheng Yao first felt that he had helped him.,Say:“Old Tan!Hold up!”
“Six brother!Go away!”Tan Lin said to continue to run,
“Six brother!Get on the bus!”Hezheng first shouted while shooting,
It is going to close to the door.,Zheng Yao first shocked to the ground,Hai Zheng first saw that the eyes were red.,Shout:“Six brother!”
The energetic feet of driving, the throttle, horses Zheng Yaoxian and Tan Lin,At this time, Xu Baichuan’s car arrived.,He is open the door,Song Xiaofan and Zhao Jian also followed the car,One person shoots cover,Other two people will drag the two people quickly,After getting on the bus, Xu Baichuan shouted to the driver:“Go away!quick!”
Hezheng shouted for another two cars:“cover!”
Hai Zhengchun’s car left with Xu Baichuan,The remaining two cars are dragging,At this time, the devil has already stabilized,One pass shooting takes the tires of two cars。
Two cars were forced to stop,Several efforts of a few efforts to jump off the car as a bunker to fire to the devil。
Xu Baichuan examined the injury of Zheng Yao first, he shouted.:“Old six!Old six!You have to live.!”
“Four brothers,what to do,Two shots in the six brothers!Tan Lin’s three shots!”Song Xiaofan is nervous and crying,
“what to do,How do I know?!”Xu Baichuan hugged Zheng Yao’s head is really a bunch of hands,Because this is the day theater,Which hospital can’t go。
Just when Xu Baichuan,Suddenly a car is rapid from one side,A familiar voice shouts:“Four brothers!Six brother!How are you?”
“Small nine!?”Xu Baichuan listened to the sound of rush:“Small nine!Old six injured!I really want to save him.!Hurry!”
“Is there a wounded in the latter??”
“should not。”
“Let them take behind the devil’s car,You drive with me.!”Qi Rui finished driving front,
I don’t know what happened in front of the sea.,Just see Xu Bailuan, Xu Baichuan, to make the future devils away from the devils.,So immediately ordered the car to continue。
Rui Rui drives the car to a secluded alley,Fu Yingxue has put the rain in the car.,Xu Baichuan’s car stopped,Rui Rui let Zheng Zheng Xian and Tan Lin are lifted into their own car on the rain.,Xu Baichuan said:“Four brothers,You quickly want to leave Shanghai,Six brothers and this brother, I will arrange!Go away!remember!Don’t refer to the concession。”
“Small nine!I will give you old six.!Be sure to save!”Xu Baichuan does not dare to delay the time,Drive away,
Rui Rui changed the license plate,Let Fu Yingxue drive home,I don’t know why the system will have my own high-level Western medicine.,I’m finally known.。
arrive home,Qi Rui and Fu Yingxue lifts people to the basement,Fu Yingxue said:“I will pick up my family.。”
“That’s too late,I will give them surgery.,You give me a hand,Prepare medical devices and drugs first,I will go to the rouge phone first.。”
“You still have to learn medicine?”
“Looking back and tell you,I have a little delay.。”
Rui Rui called blue carp in the hospital,Let her go home now,If someone asks,Just say Qingshan Ya Mei took people away。