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as expected,This method is still very effective,Others suddenly became sober。When Xia Jiangang opened the door and was about to go up。Suddenly from behind another car,Four young men came out all of a sudden,Encircled Xia Jian。

Xia Jian looked around subconsciously。At this time, a strange sound of Yin and Yang came from behind these people:“stop looking,The camera here is broken,There is no police here at this time,So let’s talk about it”
Xia Jian can see clearly,The one who said this turned out to be a bald head。He couldn’t help but remember,Last time he and Lin Wei returned to the city,,Seems to be in this service area,He spoke for a long-distance bus couple。This leader seems to be this bald head。
It’s really a narrow road,I didn’t expect to meet these guys in the same place again,Maybe they’ve been eyeing him。Xia Jian is not afraid of things,But his time is tight tonight,Don’t want to pester with these people here,So he laughed and said:“So it’s you again,Do you want to take people to Pingdu again?,sure! But at most two”
What Xia Jian said is true,But it sounds like i’m joking。The bald head squeezed from among these people,He said with a smile:“Dare not be,Drove a few people over,Aren’t you shabby me?”
“Please leave without picking up people,I’m leaving,It’s really urgent tonight,No time to play with you here”Xia Jian said,Just get in the car。
Bald,His face suddenly changed and roared:“Big Ben is great,Can you just mess around??I want to see it today,How capable you are”
“Don’t mess around,Now is a legal society,You hurt me,Or i hurt you,It’s not good for everyone,So don’t make trouble here,Otherwise I’m really rude”When Xia Jian said this,,Tone changed。
The bald sneered:“You broke our money,What do you say about this?”
“If you want to live this way,I can find a place for you,No need to do it every day,Someone will bring you food”Xia Jian said coldly。
A thin and tall one with a bald head,Hehe smiled and said to the bald head:“Okay, Brother Guang,This place is nice,Let him find one for us”
“Fuck you go,He sent you to jail,You stupidB”The bald head was mocked by Xia Jian and Fan,Can’t help but yell at the thin tall man。
Xia Jian’s patience is gone,Because what’s wrong with Pingdu,He still doesn’t know,So time is for him,Can’t delay anymore。
“What do you want to do?No need to bend,Speak directly”Xia Jian is angry,He roared loudly。Empty service area,Occasionally passing by,But no one cares about things here。Maybe someone saw it,But no one wants to get into such trouble。
Bald and looked at Xia Jianhuo,He laughed and said:“boss!You let us lose a lot,But we are in this line of life,So you have to give us the money”
“how much is it?Speak!”Xia Jian suppressed his anger,Asked coldly。
Bald head stretched out his hand and shook it:“not much,Give five thousand and we’ll settle this account”
The anger in Xia Jianhuo still couldn’t be suppressed,He yelled:“Isn’t it five thousand??I give you”The voice has not fallen,He lifted it up。The tall and thin man standing in front of him was unconsciously stepped on by Xia Jian and flew out。The bald head couldn’t help being surprised,He might not have thought,A successful person like Xia Jian is so good at Kung Fu。
Do nothing,Endlessly,Do it once,The reason Xia Jian stopped。He fists,Work in twos,Which four people in front of him,Are all lying on the ground。