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The two strolled towards the coastal road,Relative to the street next to the casino,But here is much cleaner,Only the sound of the waves hitting the beach。
“The man in front is sitting on the railing,He can’t think about jumping into the sea, right??”
Chen Xiu looked in the direction Ou Sheng pointed,I saw a lonely figure sitting on the railing not far away,Below is the waves。
Every night on the island of Australia, there are always people who lose everything and can’t think about jumping into the sea,This is why few people come to the night view of the seaside。
“Let’s go and persuade him,I really don’t understand why these people gamble!”
Although Chen Xiu has been in Australia for a while,I gambled a few times,There is always no gambling addiction,I always don’t understand that these people have lost everything,Even if you borrow usury,Can finally commit suicide。
“brothers,Nothing is impossible,Come down,It’s a new day after the sun comes out。”
Chen Xiu and Ou Sheng went over and talked loudly,Seeing the other party still sitting on the railing, no response,I am worried that the other party does not understand my Mandarin,I asked Ou Sheng to repeat it again in Cantonese。
The other party still has no response,Sit blankly on the railing,Without looking back。
“Does he not understand Chinese?,You use japanese、Say it once in Korean。”
O Sheng rolled his eyes and said:“You treat me as a genius girl,Can be proficient in various languages!
I always thought you were a genius young woman proficient in various languages!”
Osheng slapped him on the chest,Anger:“Do you think i’m old!”
Chen Xiu realized that he had made a joke too much,Although a thirty-year-old woman is the most blooming age,When the flowers bloom, they die,A woman like Ou Sheng is especially afraid of Fanghua’s passing。
Hurriedly said with a smile:“Who said Sister Ou you are old?,Just your body、appearance、This skin is believed to be 18 years old。”