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Beyond the space mezzanine,Is the universe。

“Universe sea?”Lord Yuanao was bombarded by this move,I’m also a little confused,But I reacted quickly,In my heart。
Although the fight was evenly divided before,But he feels very uncomfortable,After all, it was too uncomfortable to suppress in the air suppression field.。
In the universe,The opponent’s kingdom of God is gone,Lord Yuanao feels he has a great advantage,Can turn over!
“Senior,Lord Yuanao will trouble you。”Li Ming’s words,Let the smile of Lord Yuan’ao stiffen on his face。
And behind him,A mountain is suspended in the void。Above the mountain,A towering high900Dormy’s giant figure,He wears a seemingly ordinary cyan armor,The forehead has transparent double horns,Looking down at the Lord of Yuan’ao。
Four eyes facing each other,Lord Yuanao feels he is going to die。
In the primitive universe,Even the strongest is suppressed to the sixth rank of the Lord of the Universe,In other words, on the threshold of the strongest。The Lord of Yuanao relies on strange objects and treasures of defense,Really not afraid(One-to-one)。
But in the universe,The strongest is only limited by the explosion of divine power,How strong the secret method is。
If it is Chaos City Lord,Maybe can barely resist those weaker ones,The strongest in the universe,As the ancestor of monsters、Dreaming Yaozu。
But the Lord of Yuan’ao。。。He is far from qualified,And the reincarnation of the god king who is the origin continent,Even if the strength is greatly restricted,The strength of Zuoshanke is far beyond the threshold of the strongest.。
If it’s another universe master,I really don’t dare to kill a mountain guest,After all, the strongest kills the Lord of the universe–Will be punished by the origin of the universe。The other strongest were killed in violation of punishment,But the mountain guest himself is jealous of the origin of the universe。
But the Lord of Yuan’ao,Bring strange objects into the primitive universe,Is on the blacklist of the original universe,It’s a meritorious service to kill the Lord Yuanao。
Although the will of the primitive universe is still afraid of sitting on the mountain,But the original will is restricted by the original rules。Sitting on Shanke is like giving a good impression to someone who hates him,I hate it,The will of the primitive universe is not qualified to punish the mountain guest,I even had to relax some of the supervision of Zuoshanke。
There is really no difficulty in killing the Lord of Yuan’ao!
Just two streams of light from both eyes,Defeated the soul of the Lord of the Universe。
Gap between—Similar to Li Ming killing an ordinary universe overlord。
Kill the Lord of Yuan’ao,The mountain guest smiled slightly,Wave the invisible wave of the hand to isolate the surrounding。
“Infinite Lord,I’ve heard the name for a long time,I heard your name from my three apprentices!”
“Senior,I have to thank you for training Xiaofeng~”