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“Sweet sister,Will it all be whatever??

Four western,10,000 pieces are good。”
Xiahe, who heard this, stunned directly。
Song Ting is also a glimpse。
She just wants to stop Li Hui,Xiahe is a bit bite:“Row,10,000 10,000,I will check out。”
“Sweet sister,First collect money and say。”
soon,Willow sweet is also a little embarrassed to put the money.。
Seeing Liu Xian sweet finish,Xiahe is also a little expected:“brother,Now let us go.?”
The first thousand four hundred fifty-eight chapters
“This big brother,You ask if you ask.?
I am not a policeman.,You ask me that I don’t care.!”
Xiahe looked at Li Hui’s way to laugh and laugh.,It’s just that I will play by Li.。
Anger:“Boy,You fool me。”
“I am not,You are so many people,Hand take the steel tube to let us open this store,Don’t you be alarm?”
“And you have disciplined with the organization,Is it not a black society??”
“So I feel that you are right.。”
Finish,Li Hui is directly facing Song Ting Road:“Ting sister,These people can give you,I believe that the water behind it is very deep.。”
Song Ting originally thought it was just a simple gathering.,But Li speaks like this.,She understands that this is not simple.。
“take away!”
With Song Ting’s order,Xiahe and others take all directly。
Xiahe also wants to struggle,But after seeing the muzzle of the black cave,Also second。
In the end, it is still taken away.。
As Xiahe people are taken away,Willow sweet and Liu Zhiming are also loose。
Miao Xiaoxue, not far, is a different kind of feelings in the eyes of Li Hui Feng.。
She feels that Li is like a fan like a fan.。
The more you understand。
Before she thought that Li Hui Feng can play,But today she finds that Li Hui is not only able to play.,And also very powerful,People。
Just a phone,Let the police officers will be so many people。
This is what she can’t think of thinking.。
Liu Xujian is also full of gratitude to love in the eyes of Li Hui Feng.。
Compared with the previous Chen Chaoyang,She feels that Li Hui is the perfect man in her heart.。
Liu Zhiming also suddenly understood the choice of his daughter at this time.。
Li Hui is really very good.。
And I didn’t say my daughter.。
Don’t say anything else,Just come up with this one,He feels that Chen Chaoyang can’t do it.。
Never use the series of operations later。
Li Hui Feng naturally did not expect a simple one thing,Will let these people refreshed again to him again。
“Sweet sister,never mind,Let’s continue to open.!”