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Take Zhou Niwu yourself.,He is just a pivot doctor of an external hospital,Counting country1668,It’s almost a month.5kPump,And he is still just an assistant prayer doctor!

This is the current medical status,The doctor is impossible to starve.,Just not make money enough.。
certainly,More people who can make money can make money,after all3kThe provident fund of the block is really fragrant.!
But if you work in the health center?……That is really possible for a month.3kThe salary of the dollars to the hand,Thinking of this Zhou Youwu would like to be assigned to the future of the next community service center.!
The wage difference between the community is still big.,A better like a star bridge,Just a doctor does not count the provident fund,A year is20Tap,Almost maybe one year5Ten thousand。
“Scorpion,God bless,Postgraduate success!”Zhou Ye is long sighs。
The so-called knowledge change fate,This is really not a deceptive!
Only the test can make yourself fishy gantry,Zhou Ye is lying in bed again to imagine his own postgraduate success.,White coat,It is a doctor who has become a doctor.!
“Unhappy。”Zhou Ye is not helpful.。
The whole room is empty。
Continuous echoing his voice。
Listening to your voice,Zhou Ye, my old face is inevitable!
“Since I decided to postively,Can’t open the dayYYNS,It should be done in the earth。”Zhou Ye encouraged himself。
Give yourself a strong heart,He is busy climbing up and prepares reading。
Before the Tiande People’s Hospital,He has bought a comprehensive book of Western medicine.,I haven’t opened it yet.……
Sure enough, this kind of thing,Once it is slightly loose,It is easy to decadent。
Western medicine examination research has three subjects,Western medicine synthesis、English and politics,If you don’t speak, the synthesis of Western medicine is definitely the most important part.,Is a professional course。
Zhou Ye went back to the box,Finally found Xi Xiji in a corner。
“I rely on,Only one month is all gray.。”Looking at the mask dust,He feels some emotion。
Books,Your own pursuit is also gone.,Fortunately, I have always blow him ruthlessly.,Let him be awake and tell yourself how important it is。
He bought a folded small table before I was on the Internet.。
Originally, it is playing games.,Now look like it is called!
Zhou Ye went hand holding a folding desk,Take the counselings of Xi Xiji in one hand and go to bed.。
Though,I am going to Wuhan tomorrow.!
But trying to do this, still trying to be in the moment!
Can see a little bit,By the way, look at the chapter of the lung infection,I am definitely helpful to Wuhan Tour.。
newGPneumonia is also a small branch in the chapter of the lung infection,Chapter belonging to viral infection!
“Read book!concentrate!”Zhou Ye, I am ready to start reading the book.。
He doesn’t like reading books like most students.,But who is driving for life?!
Just concentrated in attention,Ready to put your mind to the book,Nima’s mobile phone suddenly rang。
“Predecessor。”Zhou Ye is really thinking about his grandfather.。
Give me the whole time!
He opened the phone,Have to see who is sending news,I am afraid sometimes missing important things.。