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but,Li Ming’s attack is more than just his own。

“Bang bang bang!”
Fifteen consecutive bombardments,This mask is also shaky。
“boom!”When the sixteenth hit,Cangxian finally got rid of the influence of the Secret Skill。
There is still a trace of horror in my eyes,But it also took back the aqua-blue orb that had been bombarded.,Throw three scimitars at the same time,Black wind surrounds the scimitar,Confronting Li Ming。
“Humph!”Li Ming felt a tear of pain coming from the surface of his body。
Body of Candle Dragon,After all, it is formed by mana condensing,Without body protection,Naturally injured by this same level of attack。
“The Way of the Sea,Yuanshui Avenue!”Li Ming’s vision is far-reaching,His previous life’s perception of Tao was sealed,But the eyesight has not regressed。
This Cangxian’s trick,Definitely Yuanshui Avenue,And reached the realm of Dadao。
of course,Weaker than his perception on the Avenue of Stars。
“Good strength,It’s a pity that I used a big array,After Yuanli reaches the Void Return Level,kill you,easy!”On the face of the body of the candle dragon formed by Li Ming,Hang a sneer。
The arms waving are extremely heavy,Every blow is like a huge star falling inside。
《Star change》Eighth formula:Moon set and stars sink!
That’s a 700,000-year celestial movement!
Li Ming controls the big array,The strength is no less than that of the Void Demon,Perform this move,Its attacks are comparable to the true 900,000-year-old Sanxian。
Just three breaths,Cang Xianren fell into an absolute disadvantage!
“how is this possible!”The face of the rugged immortals on the golden flying boat and many Yuanshen Taoists changed greatly。
Rugged fairy,After all,High status,Enough to cut off。
When Cangxianren is in trouble,Without hesitation,With the special magic weapon of Jinguang Feizhou,Released a light cannon with a diameter of nearly ten feet—Aiming target,But it’s the immobile master of the Demon Slayer lying on the ground。