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Ding Kelan took a big turn from seeing and hearing the staff’s evaluation of the cafeteria today.,Gave Xia Meihan a high praise,Got praise from the boss,Xia Meihan is very happy,Like honey。

Xia Meihan called Tian Lu Yigan who was filming and producing after the meeting,Affirmed their hard work。
With the affirmation and praise from the top,Don’t mention how happy Tian Lu and Chen Amei are。“I finally achieved the promotion of corporate culture。”Tian Lu said。
“Yes yes yes,Next,To complete the next few issues quickly,Hope to get the same recognition as last time。”Chen Amei replied。
“make persistent efforts,Come on!”Tian Lu and Chen Amei high-five to express their agreement。
By the way, Lin Hai couldn’t help but not contact Ding Kelan for a long time,Call greeting。
“Dude,Is it going well in Xinkai District??”Lin Hai called Ding Kelan。
“Thanks to you,Pretty smooth。”Ding Kelan replied。
“I knew it,You are very smart,Doing a big cause。My club is not good,Your energy is not here,Business depression,Can only entertain oneself,To close,I told you before,We filed for bankruptcy,Come to Yihai to develop,You have to support me。”Lin Hai complains。
“alright,I’ll go to the industrial park in some time,But you have to think about it。”Ding Ketan reminded him,“Don’t get hot,Yihai is also good,You are now the executive director of the club,You decide,I can support you。”
After hanging up,Thoughtful。
A few days later,Lin Hai drove to the Xinkai District,Two people reposition and plan the club,Conspired in the room。
Lin Hai sees the automatic and intelligentization of Ding Kelan’s office residence,Surprised as a country boy who has never seen the world。
“You won’t save my galaxy,I have no love。”Lin Hai pretending to be crying。
“Look at you,Bitter melon face I don’t want to see,In the evening, we go to show off twice。”Ding Kelan held his shoulder。
“Where’s the car?”Lin Hai asked about his favorite racing career。
“Gym go,Simulation car。”Ding Kelan raised eyebrows,Said lightly。
“cut,I thought what you said,Go to simulate?”Lin Hai looked contemptuous。