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Jack Welch is right,Among the four major U.S. car brands,AMCThe average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of all grades of cars is the lowest,For example, in the field of mid-level cars,AMCThe average fuel consumption per 100 kilometers of a car is17.5Rise,Far surpassing the average of the other three American car brands22.74Ascending level,And what is the average fuel consumption of Japanese products of the same level??

Take the typical masterpieces of Japanese cars in mid-level cars:Examples of Accord and Camry,The average fuel consumption of these two cars are12.67Shenghe12.45Rise。
almost the same。
of course,This is also related to the relatively small engine displacement on the North American Camry and Accord.,Such as the Camry and Accord sold in the US market,The displacements of the engines are2.5Rise to3.0Between,Compared with the engines that start at three or a few displacements on American mid-class cars,Fuel consumption will definitely be lower,but no matter,U.S. cars consume more fuel than Japanese cars,This is an unavoidable fact,It is also a place where Japanese cars can conquer the North American market、Market share has quickly approached30%The biggest reason。
“Yes,Our fuel consumption is higher,”Chen Geng nodded:“So I hope to re-optimize the existing engine,Simultaneously start the development plan for a new generation of high-performance small-displacement engines,In addition……”
Looking at Jack·Welch,Chen Geng said slowly:“Our models are also about to be updated.,I am going to develop the next generation of models,In addition, I am also going to fill in the model density of each model’s subdivision interval,what do you think?”5599
Improve the performance of the engine by re-optimizing and upgrading the old engine、Reduce fuel consumption,It is a common practice for Japanese car brands,For example, the old engine does not have variable valve timing technology,The performance of the engine can be improved by upgrading the engine with variable valve timing,This is a relatively low cost solution。
Compared to the Japanese engine upgrade program,The Americans’ plan to improve engine performance is more rude:Not enough motivation?That must be insufficient displacement,It must be enough to increase the displacement,It won’t work if you increase the displacement a little,Then add two points!
As for the increased fuel consumption due to the increase in displacement,It’s not within the consideration of American engine engineers.,So we can see the displacement up to8A few bigV8,But you look for it on a Japanese car,The largest displacement is only a few o’clock,But this displacement,For American cars, it can only be regarded as just getting started。
Jack·Welch nodded:“I think it can,What do i need to do?”
Don’t look at jack·Welch isAMCChairman of the car,But Chen Geng was in direct controlAMCCore department:Automotive Engineering Institute,He knows very well,The reason why Chen Geng came over to tell himself about this,Actually respect for yourself。
Chen Geng nodded:“Well,I’ll discuss it with David。”
Hearing Chen Geng said to develop a new generation of models,AMCThe daily work of the Automotive Engineering Institute is like responsibility、First Deputy Dean David·Lebson was so excited:“We should also prepare for the next generation of models……boss,For the next generation of models,What do you think?”
“Let’s not talk about the next generation of models,”Chen Geng vs. David·Lebson says:“David,I ask you to re-adjust the existing engine。”
David·Lebson’s expression suddenly became a little serious,I don’t know where I found a small notebook and a pen,Seriously:“You say,What are the tendencies and requirements of adjustment?”
“The power output characteristics of the engine,Power is biased towards the front,”Chen Geng said:“A bit similar to the style of Japanese cars,Let the driver feel that the front section of the car is more powerful,More responsive,The deployment of power is also faster,In daily use,Reduce the speed as much as possible and increase the gear position of the gearbox to reduce fuel consumption。”
David·Lebson carefully recorded,Ask again:“Ok,anything else?”