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not to mention,This kind of thing is revealed,It may also bury hidden dangers。

The tank is also a little flattered,Took Wang Shuai and said:“Don’t eat in this place?What a waste!”
“How is this waste?What friendship between us?Today, you and Xiaoji finally achieved a positive result,Do you know how happy i am?Of course it must be different from usual!”The tank that Wang Shuai said was moved almost to tears,This in turn made Wang Shuai feel that the money was worthwhile。
Leopard whispered while eating:“I found that Wang Shuai must also feel distressed when eating here,So those who came are friendly,He is not willing to set up a noon battle here。”
“Perhaps。”Chen Wenjin doesn’t want to say more,Money is not what Wang Shuai cares about,What Wang Shuai cares about is not allowing himself to do stupid things,The unequal investment and income are stupid things in Wang Shuai’s eyes。
If he is here for noon……The owner of the restaurant will definitely tell Wang Shuai’s father,By then, Wang Shuai has no room for a reasonable explanation,And now,Wang Shuai must have thought about it。Tank helped him with Xiao Wang before,Wang Shuai’s father will definitely think he is a good guest。
Abao said:“Tomorrow my mom’s birthday,You help to talk to Wang Shuai,I won’t pick up Ami。”
“Say it yourself,should be no problem。”Chen Wenjin said not to negotiate with them,Besides, there is no need for him to spread the word in the middle of this matter。
“He will promise?”Leopard is not sure,See Chen Wenjin nodding,He was relieved,Said again:“I wanted to buy a nice gift for my mom,But recently spent too much money,Can still save,Let her come here for dinner tomorrow!”
“You can save more by spending less money on a woman。”Chen Wenjin doesn’t want to pay attention to Abao anymore。
“It’s not nice not to give gifts, right??”Leopard thought for a while,Gritted his teeth:“Give my mom a red envelope,Buy whatever she likes,She must be super pleasant for two hundred yuan!”
“I said you are funny?”Chen Wenjin whispered to him in an angry voice:“Your parents are so economical,I save money for your future use。What will she buy herself if you give the red envelope?For a thousand, she can buy herself a dress worth tens of dollars.,Don’t you save the money for you later?It’s basically a pocket in a family put into another pocket,It’s still a non-consumable pocket,In this case, instead of buckling the rope,Two hundred dollars have to make up your mind?You don’t even blink when the foreign money is spent.,You have the attribute of leaking money in your life, right??”
“……Too。”Leopard thought for a while and said:“Ok,Red envelope for five hundred!This time must be enough,They know that my stock makes money,Maybe you are willing to put more money out and put it in!Yes,If you think so, I have to add more,Give a thousand!”
Chen Wenjin won’t say anything,Obviously,A leopard in this period is indeed unclear,Full of money,I think about the money from his parents。
The big guys are very happy to eat this meal,Very lively,Continue to play after eating,Not many leave。
After meal,Drinking and dancing again until the early morning,Make up another supper,At the end,Some people go back to their homes,Some people arrange separately,The remaining a dozen went straight to Wang Shuai’s house。