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Same dress,The same look,This Monkey King looks good at all。

“test,Is the test,You hurt another teammate,Monkey King,I used to treat you as an idol!”Ge Xiaolun said angrily。
There is a saying called the depth of love,Hate。
The higher Ge Xiaolun’s love for Monkey King,When Monkey King really appeared to hurt his teammates,The disappointment in Ge Xiaolun’s heart will be greater。
What idol,In front of people who really hurt themselves,Those are all clouds。
Like mortals believe in gods and buddhas,But when gods and Buddhas appeared in front of mortals,That mysterious disappear,Will mortals be so religious in their belief in gods and Buddhas?!
“My grandson existed in this world a long time ago,You don’t treat me as an idol,It doesn’t matter。Aliens are coming soon,If you can’t form real combat power,Then I don’t mind expelling you。
Now it seems,Your combat power can barely pass。”When Monkey King looked at a few people,Focus on Xin Zhao。
Of course he is not absolutely outstanding about Xin Zhao’s strength,But the last move this guy attacked,It’s too insidious。
Fortunately, he is a clone,If you really end up,And was hit by this trick,Monkey King felt that he would not want to appear in front of others for a long time。
This kid is obviously a good university student,Is the best educated of these people,How can you make such a shameful trick?。
“Monkey Brother,Really monkey brother,Can you sign me?”
Liu Chuang’s belief in Monkey King,Still above Ge Xiaolun,Even if he was hanged,I don’t care about it at this time。
And saw Liu Chuang stand up,A golden light flashed in Monkey King’s eyes,Then smiled“I didn’t imagine that the Xiongbing Company still had this kind of scum.,Wait a moment,I will clean up the dregs,Then come back to talk to you!”
Speak,Monkey King caught Liu Chuang directly,And then fly towards the distance。
“Monkey King,Stop for me!”Xin Zhao covered his heart,The ribs were not fully recovered just now,There is still some pain in walking at this time。
“Letter,Brother Monkey takes Chuangzi to talk,Why are you in a hurry!”Ge Xiaolun on one side doesn’t care。
Hear this,Xin Zhao looked at Cheng Yaowen,rose,And Rui Mengmeng and Qilin who are almost recovered。
“and so,Do you guys think like this?”