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It doesn’t matter,No matter how much time and materials it takes,As long as there is a success rate,As long as Master Wuhao can complete the improvement of Chiyue’s equipment attributes,As long as there is this opportunity,That’s enough!

“Master Wu Hao,Is this a new profession?Is it possible for others to change jobs successfully?”At this moment,A really smart person in the crowd asked loudly。
This man has a clear head,Finally got the idea。
“Master Wu Hao,as far as I know,At the end of the distant mountains and seas,In the realm of dwarves,There are also very few dwarves that can improve equipment attributes,They have a title called Master Blacksmith,Your magic technology,Is it related to them??”Another person asked。
This person is at least very knowledgeable,And the family has a deep heritage,Even the dwarven forge masters of faraway countries know。
Lu Menglin nodded,Smiled:“My magic building ability was obtained by offering sacrifices to the Guangming Dragon God。Theoretically,Other people have the opportunity to get。in my opinion,In the future, there may be a profession called a magician。As for the dwarf kingdom??I am not sure,Because i’m only twenty years old,Never been so far away。”
“Then,Will you share the magic technology?of course,I mean,Under paid circumstances。”The forward-looking young man asked again。
Lu Menglin shrugged,Smiled:“If the tuition can satisfy me,I am willing to。of course,You can also try your luck by offering sacrifices to the Bright Dragon God。”
When everyone heard this,Burst into laughter。
Obtain magical ability through sacrifice?What a joke!
The existence of the Guangming Dragon Temple,Has been thousands of years,The history of offering sacrifices to the Dragon God has been seven or eight hundred years,I have never heard of anyone who has acquired the ability to create magic,So Master Wu Hao is“Dragon God’s favor”what!From this perspective,This title is for him,It’s too apt。
“I need a lot of materials and time,In order to increase the success rate of magic creation。I think I’m in the construction of magic,There should be a lot of room for improvement,After all, the research on this new technology is just beginning。and so,I need your support。”Lu Menglin said with a smile,Look like an old fox。
“The Bright Dragon Temple will be your strongest backing!”Priest of Thunder
Very right speech,Shocked many people present,Began to realize that this is a once-in-a-lifetime investment opportunity。
“This prince represents the heavenly royal family,Will fully support the career of Master Wu Hao!In order to maintain the good friendship between us,At the same time, to protect the safety of Master Wuhao,I decided to give the entire Black Blood Cavalry Guard to Master Wuhao,This army will become the private army of Master Wuhao!”The Sixth Prince Mi Li shouted。
Three Masters of Black Blood Changed at the Same Time,Zhao Liehui couldn’t help but show joy,Xiao Ning looks indifferent,But the wind flow is a bit gloomy。
Because in terms of organization,The three of them also belong to the Black Blood Cavalry,And the Sixth Prince didn’t mention them specifically,Then it means,The sixth prince is likely to plan to pack the three of them and give them to Wu Hao.。
It doesn’t matter to Zhao Liehui and Xiao Ning.,But the wind flow is obviously a little unacceptable。
When I first met Wu Hao,He is just a small and insignificant character,But now he wants to be his own boss,This makes the wind subconsciously want to resist。
“Thank you!Thank you Guangming Dragon Temple and the Royal Family for their attention to me。here,I solemnly declare in my own name,As the favor of the dragon god,I will fully support the priest Lei Jiji,I hope he goes farther and farther on the bright path。In addition,In order to accelerate the maturity of magic technology,I plan to hold a press conference every six months,Put my new work for auction。”