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After Qin Feng hung up,,He watched Lai Weipeng’s performance from a distance。

really,No minutes,That car just left here。
Qin Feng called Huang Junjie again,Tell me what I just said,Huang Junjie also said that he understands,Both sides are thinking,Who arranged to monitor Qin Feng?。
Ning Chenshan has a great possibility,As for other guys, it’s also possible,Qingshui Village is now a small whirlpool,Everyone wants to get a share here。
Some well-informed people know that the vegetables in Qingshui Village are a must,Especially the channels in some nearby towns were opened up,I know how great Qingshui Village is。
of course,Some people in Qingshui Village who want to make trouble,That has been cleaned up by Huang Longwen,Sometimes the wicked need to be grinded by the wicked,This is no exception everywhere。
Huang Longwen usually dominates the village,Most people are afraid of him,As for those wicked people, they fear him。
Now with the support of Qin Feng,Although Huang Longwen doesn’t do anything bad,But he cleaned up some people,That’s easy。
Qin Feng hesitated for a while,He also drove a motorcycle towards town。
Just get out of this intersection in town,There are many ways to enter the town。
Qin Feng found a hotel,And after opening a room,He put his motorcycle here,Then he quickly found a small shop,Bought a suit。
Then I found a Sanwu Hotel that didn’t need anything.,He went straight in,Change everything in the suit,Then I went out with the monitor。
As for the clothes he changed before,Naturally, he threw it to the back of the hotel,He took the clothes away,Then put it in a hidden place。