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“How can i get your information,know about you?Have you ever wanted to go back to your planet?”Ding Kelan asked。

Ye Xingkong is not silent,Look into the distant sky。
Ding Kelan patted his forehead,Laugh at yourself,Why did he forget that he couldn’t understand what he said,And kept asking him,Isn’t it funny?
“No way,We have to figure out how to get out of this end.。”Ding Kelan looked up,Unpredictable,Little hope of going up,He said to himself,But as long as there is a silver lining, never give up,Besides, there is a strange man by his side,There must be a way。
The sky suddenly became clouded,Black clouds,The end of the end is much darker。
It suddenly rained,Ya Di is hardly spared,Ye Xingkong and Tan Kelan covered their heads with their arms,Ran to“spaceship”。
“spaceship”Really a good place to shelter from the rain,There are stone rocks above the spaceship,Like a small house sheltered by a rock,The spacecraft is extremely safe under the shelter of the stone。
Ding Kelan wandering in the spacecraft,Thought,It turns out that the legendary spaceship is like this,The structure is not inferior to my car。Simple structure inside,But each part plays a powerful role,How else can you fly to the earth?。
Ye Xingkong shook the iron on his hand in front of him,“Is it the key to start the spaceship??”Ding Kelan thought。
I saw Ye Xingkong put the iron into an entrance of the spacecraft,The lights in the spacecraft are all on,Brightly lit。Ding Kelan watched his operation in surprise,then,“spaceship”’S lights flashed a few times,Went out。
Ye Xingkong shrugged,Sorry and helpless,It seems,The core energy of iron is insufficient,Cause the spacecraft to travel abnormally。
Ding Kelan Judgment,Ironware is probably the core element of the spacecraft,When i drive,He uses iron to support his strength,Send me off the cliff,Maybe the iron has insufficient energy,Let me go back to the bottom of the cliff again。Yes,Must be like this,Otherwise it shouldn’t fall down。
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