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Chen Wenjin is too lazy to say what Abao,Wang Shuai and Xiao Xiao know what happened in the last two days,They all said that they should be adjusted to give him priority in shipping to ensure revenue。

And Abao,Just consider his own position,He can’t fight back against Wang Shuai,I want to delay Chen Wenjin’s help。
Chen Wenjin listened to Abao confide in his feelings again,Leopard stood up,Said again:“correct,I have to withdraw thousands of dollars today,Don’t tell Wang Shuai!We agreed not to move the account in advance,Otherwise, even if you lose。”
“……Can’t you see the fund list by then??”
“Yes!What to do then?”Abao said anxiously:“I ran out of money,It’s still so long before you can activate the account……”
Chen Wenjin is speechless,A Baoming is acting stupid,Real purpose,He knows very well,but,He shouldn’t take the initiative to speak。
Leopard pleased and discussed:“How about you lend me another 10,000 turnover,Wait until the holidays are over, and even pay you back together,Add a barbecue and drink!OK? Gold,Please gold,Only you can save me。”
Yes,Obviously Abao wanted to borrow money,I can only borrow this money from him。
“Brother Xiu has spent all the benefits for you?”Chen Wenjin feels strange,Brother Xiu’s shop opened,Originally gave Abao shares,Leopard wants to change to cash,Got 25,000 yuan,20,000 yuan Abao has been put into the stock account,Five thousand yuan,How long is this?Gone?
“Hey,Isn’t this how miserable Li Xiang was sprayed yesterday??I bought her a bag that is too much。”
Chen Wenjin has nothing to say,Watching Abao pick up the 10,000 yuan borrowed,Drove away。
Chen Wenjin discovered that A Bao has a little self-knowledge and he has improved,That is——Leopard knows that he can bear no money unless he stays at home。
It’s not long since Chen Wenjin went up,When Wang Shuai went to the bathroom,Qiangwei suddenly said to him:“gold,Did you see Abao just now??What did he tell you?”
Chen Wenjin looked at Qiangwei’s seemingly pure eyes,Asked indifferently:“Was it when Abao asked me,I should also tell him what you said?”
Qiangwei listened,I patted my heart continuously like a sigh of relief,said laughingly:“I think you are very reliable,just、I’m still a little worried that you will help Abao,I’m relieved to hear you say that!Thank you for being fair!”
“It’s nothing。”Chen Wenjin was also convinced by Qiangwei’s quick response。
“Gold you are so cool,I feel a sense of distance,Always scared,I don’t know how to communicate with you,But now I feel,You still have a good heart,Although Abao is a good brother,Didn’t turn to him at the time,You should have a sense of justice?”Qiangwei actively communicates,I think Chen Wenjin and Wang Shuai have a good relationship,Then she should be familiar with him。She had thoughts about Wang Shuai before,Don’t want to say too much wrong,Different now,She plans to hold Wang Shuai for a long time,As Wang Shuai’s girlfriend,She didn’t plan to let go,Of course we have to manage this role well。
Chen Wenjin doesn’t want to talk at all,So I said something:“If Wang Shuai saw you when he came out,Will be pleasantly surprised。”
“I’ll try!Thank you cough。”Qiangwei opened the door and went out。