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“According to the most basic principle of supply and demand in economics,In the international foreign exchange market, the demand for a country’s currency exceeds the supply,It will inevitably cause the country’s currency exchange rate to face great appreciation pressure。”

“Although a country’s currency devaluation has a huge impact on a country’s economy,But in comparison,The appreciation of a country’s exchange rate will have a greater impact on a country’s economy,It can even lead to the collapse of a country’s foreign trade。”
“And this has been after the U.S. forced the yen to appreciate sharply in the 1980s,It has been well verified in the rapid collapse of the Japanese economy!”
“So in order to avoid a sharp rise in currency exchange rates,The central bank of a country has to take its own currency to the international foreign exchange market to eat a large amount of foreign exchange reserves。”
“And as more and more currency flows out of the country into the international foreign exchange market,It will also be equivalent to surrendering a country’s financial security。”
“After buying a large amount of a country’s currency from the international foreign exchange market,International hedge funds can turn around,Take the newly purchased currency of the country back to the international hedge fund market and sell it wildly。”
“And along with this country’s currency suffered a large-scale crazy sell-off in the international foreign exchange market,Will cause violent market panic,At that time, institutions around the world holding the country’s currency will also join the ranks of selling。”
“The country’s currency is facing appreciation pressure,Swiftly turned into more violent and greater devaluation pressure,After the country’s foreign exchange reserves have been exhausted,Will surely cause the country’s currency exchange rate to plummet。”
“And before that,International hedge funds often buy a large number of put forwards on the country’s currency in the futures market in advance,The plunge in the country’s currency exchange rate will also make international hedge funds profitable。”
“Actually it’s plain,‘Multimodal attack’In essence‘Short attack’,Just in‘Short attack’Add a long buy to the country’s currency,It’s just for the process of short selling that caused market panic.!”
“So whether it’s a short attack or a long attack,The key to protecting a country’s currency security,That the country must hold a lot of foreign exchange reserves,Large enough to resist the final short-selling process of international hedge funds.。”
“and1992The reason why the Bank of England was defeated by Soros’s Quantum Fund,It’s all because of the British pride that harmed themselves!”
“More than 200 years since the first industrial revolution,Britain has always been the most powerful country in the world,The UK financial industry has always been far ahead of the world,The City of London has always been the largest financial center in the world,The pound sterling has always been the world’s number one currency and reserve currency。”
“But all this changed drastically after World War II……”