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Promote the high -quality development of the biological economy

  Our newspaper Harbin, April 6 (Reporter Fang Yuan) Recently, in order to promote the high -quality development of the biological economy, Heilongjiang Province issued the "Heilongjiang Provincial" Fourteenth Five -Year Plan "Biological Economic Development Plan" and "Heilongjiang Province to support the high -quality development of high -quality biological economy. Policies and measures.

  The main goal of the Biological Economic Development determined by the "Planning" is that the economic scale has reached a new level and has become the strategic leading industry of Heilongjiang Province. New breakthroughs in scientific and technological innovation, and the industry’s independent innovation system is basically established. Industrial integration will achieve a new leap, forming a fully industrial chain and well -equipped biological industry cluster. By 2025, the province’s total biological economy will reach more than 420 billion yuan, and the proportion of added value will increase to 10%of the regional GDP.

  The "Planning" proposes the "one pole, two districts, and the area" biological economic development space layout. The "one pole" is the leading leader of Harbin biological industry, and Harbin has made Harbin a new highland with international competitiveness and driving force for the power of Northeast Asia. The "two districts" are the core areas of Songnen Plain’s biological industry and the Pan -Sanjiang Plain Biological Industry Demonstration Zone.

Based on the advantages of biological resources such as Qiqihar, Daqing, Suihua and other places, create a special biological biophangea area, and build the core area of ??the biological industry of Songnen Plain.

Focus on the resource advantages of Chinese medicinal materials such as Mudanjiang, Jiamusi and other places, create a number of national and provincial -level traditional Chinese medicinal materials, and build a biomedical and biological manufacturing industry base.

The "Belt" is the biological industry belt in the forest area.

Focusing on the Xing’anling Forest District, the development of Chinese medicinal materials, biological forestry, and biological agriculture industries will be accelerated, and "cold resources" will be converted into "thermal industry".