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Ministry of Education: Over the past ten years, my country’s preschool education governance system has been continuously improved, and the level of parking levels has significantly improved preschool education-young dynamics

[Abstract] Lu Yugang, director of the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education, said that in the past ten years, the concept of scientific education and education has been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. Facing the concepts and methods of scientific education for the whole society, and promoting scientific parenting knowledge into millions of households.

  Xinhuanet, Beijing, April 26th. Today, the Ministry of Education held a press conference to introduce the effectiveness of preschool education reform and development since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China.

  Lu Yugang, director of the Department of Basic Education of the Ministry of Education, said that in the past ten years, the concept of scientific education and education has deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. With the theme of "the game lights up happy childhood" and "young collaborative science connection", it has carried out the "National Preschool Education Propaganda Month" activities every year, facing the whole orientation Society continues to spread the concepts and methods of scientific education and education, and promote scientific parenting knowledge to enter millions of households.

Professional guidance has continued to strengthen, and the Ministry of Education has issued a series of "Guidance Opinions for the Connection of Kindergarten Education Guiding Outline", "Guidelines for Children 3-6 years old", "Guidance Opinions on the Connection of Kindergarten and Primary Schools", "Guidelines for Kindergarten Conservation Education Quality Evaluation Guidelines" Documents have established a relatively complete guidance system to provide strong professional leadership for science and education.

Deepen the reform of the practice of education, carry out in -depth "primary school" special governance, actively promote the "young connection" operation, vigorously promote the typical experience represented by "Anji Games", continuously improve the preschool teaching and research system, and establish a number of kindergarten conservation education reform experiments District, play a leading role in demonstration, promote the effective implementation of "game -based activities", and effectively promote the healthy growth of children’s physical and mental health. In the past ten years, the scale of teachers has continuously expanded. In 2021, there were 1,095 colleges and universities that opened preschool education in the country. Supplementary kindergarten teachers have provided strong support. In 2021, the total number of kindergartens and full -time teachers of the country’s kindergarten and full -time teachers exceeded 3.5 million, an increase of 2 million more than in 2011, and doubled. The "two teachings and one insurance" equipment standard, the problem of teacher shortage is effectively resolved. The quality of teachers has been significantly improved, and the academic structure has been further optimized. In 2021, the principal and full -time teacher of the college degree or above accounted for%, an increase of 24 percentage points from 2011.

The kindergarten teachers’ "National Baili Plan" continuously implemented a total of 4.3 billion yuan in 2012 to 2020. It trained more than 2.43 million kindergarten teachers. The professional level of teachers has increased significantly. In terms of funding investment, Lu Yugang said that my country adheres to the "government input -based, the family is shared reasonable", and the investment mechanism for preschool education funding has been continuously improved.

Over the past ten years, fiscal investment has continued to increase. In 2020, the national pre -school education funding for fiscal education was 253.2 billion yuan, an increase of 5 times from 41.6 billion yuan in 2011. %.

The cumulative investment in the special funds for the development of preschool education for preschool education exceeds 170 billion yuan in ten years, effectively driving the rapid growth of local financial investment, and provided a strong guarantee for the development of preschool education. The cost sharing mechanism is basically established, and all provinces have issued a common funding standards for public parks or subsidy standards for the average financial appropriation standards, and the subsidy standards for inclusive private parks, and continuously improved the standards according to the needs of the cause. For factors such as bearing capacity and the cost of running the park, dynamically adjust the charging standards of public kindergartens, determine the maximum charging price of inclusive private kindergartens, and effectively ensure the normal operation of kindergartens.

The funding system has been continuously improved. From 2012 to 2021, a total of 75.2 billion yuan in finances at all levels, a total of 62.32 million young children in family economic difficulties were funded, effectively ensuring the right of family economic difficulties, orphans and disabled children to enjoy preschool education fairly.