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Conquest with enterprises urgent and worrying about Communications small and micro financial services constantly setting up

Suddenly this round of local new crown pneumonia epidemic, for small and micro enterprises that have just recovered after the Spring Festival, are like a "cold spring" in this spring.

Under the epidemic, inclusive finance, "agriculture, farmers" and other key areas and medical security key areas need "blood transfusion" of financial forces.

Small and micro financial services that run out of the business "acceleration" Bank of Communications have never stopped. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, the Shanghai Branch of the Bank of Communications has continued to pay attention to changes in the epidemic, increasing the credit investment in key areas of the epidemic prevention and control. Establish a special green channel for small and micro enterprises.

The Shanghai Ji Moto Business Information Consulting Company is a poverty alleviation enterprise that helps to sell agricultural products in local poor counties in Yunnan. The company must pay the procurement funds by the company before the end of March. In the critical period of insurance, "If the community where the business owner is located is required to be closed and controlled, the company will not be able to obtain loans in time.

"Bank of Communications Shanghai Jing’an Sub -branch’s inclusive team employee special business office, immediately accelerated the business process, completed all procedures for the company, ensured the normal capital flow, and truly ran out of the Bank of Communications business" acceleration. "".

With the comprehensive resumption of work in Shenzhen, in order to help Kuke innovation small and micro enterprises quickly "return", the Bank of Communications Shenzhen Branch not only continuously optimizes the credit processing process, but also for enterprises with high -tech qualifications of national high -tech. Give the credit limit of 1 million yuan to ensure that the majority of small and micro enterprises of science and technology, innovation, and micro -enterprises have received sufficient "blood" supply. Online products to keep people’s livelihood in order to prepare for everything. In recent years, with the continuous advancement of the digital transformation of the Bank of Communications’s inclusive finance, the continuous iteration and update of various online small and micro financial services and products, financial services, especially small and micro enterprise financing emergency service capabilities in the special period are constantly continuous Enhancement.

"President Zeng, now the outbreak is sealed, enterprises urgently need funding to ensure the supply of living materials of ordinary people. Can the loan you mentioned a few days ago can withdraw money immediately?" On March 18, Zeng Mingwei, president of Huaihua River West Sub -branch of the Bank of Communications received Call of the person in charge of Huaihua Anjing Food.

As a header in the Jiahui Cold Chain market, Huaihua Anjing Food is the largest company with the largest local breakfast. It mainly provides a must -have for home isolation supplies such as bags, steamed buns, and dumplings. What they did not expect was that under the guidance of the customer manager of the Bank of Communications less than half an hour, the company’s financial self -service operation was online, and a 500,000 "cold chain e loan" loan funds immediately reached the corporate account to effectively alleviate the enterprise. The urgency of eyebrows.

And all this benefits from the beginning of this year, the Bank of Communications Huaihua Branch specifically targeted this "cold chain e loan" scene online developed by the "Jiahui Cold Chain Logistics Industrial Park", the largest national backbone cold chain logistics base, Customized products, all customer funds under the project system can operate on the whole side of self -service and return. In order to continuously improve the "coverage, acquisition and satisfaction" of small and micro enterprises’ financial services, in recent years, Bank of Communications has vigorously developed a comprehensive online financing product system for small and micro enterprises. Data show that in 2021 More than 90 % of the new customers of WeChat industry come from online channels. The bank is still deepening cooperation with the Federation of Industry and Commerce and third -party data platforms. Small and micro enterprises such as small and micro enterprises such as small and micro enterprises are customized online exclusive products.

Green Channel helps companies to relieve the company in Jiangsu Lianyungang Ganyu Shiqiao Grain and Oil Management Institute, a company that owned the grain acquisition, storage and sales of the main camp, due to the impact of the epidemic, and some funds returned in a timely manner. In the end, the severe epidemic control situation has made corporate funds under great pressure. When the enterprise is in a unattended exhibition, Sun Chengming, the customer manager of the Bank of Communications Lianyungang Ganyu Sub -branch, actively coordinated and overcome the difficulties of personnel flow during the epidemic, and timely repay the principal and interest of the loan delay for the enterprise, which effectively solves the temporary capital of the enterprise. pressure. In order to ensure the continuity of inclusive financial services under the special circumstances of the current epidemic, the General Office of the Bank of Communications introduced the inclusive loan epidemic response plan for the first time to open green channels for small and micro customer service work in a special period, and clearly repay the repayment of the principal and interest paying interest. , The latest requirements in the online business annual examination management, post -loan management, and credit reporting management during the prevention and control of epidemic conditions, guide customers to actively through online and offline combination, complete the application for repayment of principal and interest, and use various system functions functional functions, and use various system functions functions. It is difficult to support customers to flexibly respond to the affected by the epidemic and help them to cross the difficulty.

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