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Coast: The villagers fight for road maintenance workers

Villagers are undergoing highways. To Pingshou People’s Network, China On October 18th, the early winter season, rare warm Yang Gaozhao, on the village-level road of Yangzhai Village, Nanmen Town, Kaizhou District, shovel, Shura, Herbited, Clean up the debris … It is reported that this is the volunteer "maintenance worker" team of the villagers in Yangzhai Village. The 38 villagers arrived together, all of which were all in the same goal: raise the good rural road. Yangzhai Village is far away, a total of 10 village groups, 31 kilometers of the existing hardened village grade kilometers in the jurisdiction, and the villages have basically realized the group channel.

  "Now, there is a good comfort, the road has been repaired at the door, and it is very convenient to go out." The 73-year-old villager allocated to the border, while grateful. "I haven’t had road in the past, and I have to have two blacks in the South Gate. I will start the fire in the morning, the male pick, the woman’s back." The old man said here, even shook his head. The rural road is smooth, the tranquil hillivhere in the past, has become lively, often with the cars in the city, open to the mountain village to embrace nature, the village of the village, become the "best-selling goods" in the door, the "soil goods" in the mountains Flying out of the mountains, banknotes outside the mountain, but also "fly" into the pocket of the village.

  The road is built, can’t be repaired, and it is very important! At the beginning of this year, Fan Changwu, secretary of the Party Branch of Yangzhai Village, led the village branch, inspected on the road, see the two sides of the road, the green vines of the mountains, the green vine plants in the mountains extended to the center of the road, the ditch, the rock, and the stone block blocked, all meet Big rain, the water is rushed along the road.

  "How do this? How long does it take? The road is to be swayed.

"Fan Shuji looks urgently in his eyes, he hurriedly issued an initiative in the WeChat group in the village:" Everyone in the villagers! This year, there are many rain, frequent floods, road gaps, weeds, if they are not dredging, will affect road life, their own guys, we have powerful, have money, together to maintain road … "Initiative The villagers actively participated. In the first half of this year, the 17th group of villagers in Yangzhai Village have spontaneously organized 27 people, specializing in the recovery and trimming of heavy rain, using three days, dredging and cleaning up about 4 kilometers of roads. Not only just In group 1, many villagers of other groups had spontaneous organization "Compulsory Protection Team", they regard the road as "self-owned yard", and the normalization is obliged to keep cleaning, and it has played a good way.

  Today, walking in Yangzhai Village, the road is refreshed, the widow is unimpeded, the surrounding green plants, when you leave the traces after the care, everything seems to be in order, the original, the village-level road suddenly changed There are many spacious.

  "We maintained the road, not a while, it is to persist.

"Fan Changwu said that the moral awareness of the villagers in Yangzhai Village is quite high, and the road in the door will take the initiative to clean, which places are damaged, the villagers will tell, then I want to fix it.

  It is understood that Yangzhai Village uses the most simple way to practice "road head system" road mode and fruitful.

Fan Changwu, Walk, President of the villagers of each group of villagers, is the segmentation road, and each group also elected the old party members, the old township and other as "patrols", at any time, timely information feedback, all villagers are "guard "The villagers of the road will be able to practice the protection of the protection of the way of being practiced in his hometown. Building a co-management sharing, everyone uses practical actions to guard the "convenient road Ping An Road to Fu Road".

(Liu Zhengning, Ping Ping) (Editor: Qin Jie, Zhang Wei) Sharing let more people see.