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China @ 四川 | "Studio" is actually "water room"! A group of "laundering" is 730 million yuan by the police.

  According to reports, in mid-November 2020, the Naruto Public Security Bureau received an important clue in the "Fault Camping Action" special action: Li Mou Yao et al. The bank card transactions are abnormal, there is illegal criminal activities.

After receiving the report, the bureau quickly established a special group to carry out investigations, and found that Li Mou, Zhang Mou’s criminal gang, specialized to provide "money laundering" for overseas telecom fraud and online gambling. Subsequently, the project police will arrest Li in a rented housing in the narcian area, and seize 28 bank cards, 68 business licenses, 9 telephone cards, 9 mobile phone, 10,000 yuan, and 1 vehicle. After the trial, the suspect Li and others described that the gang was a large number of illegal holdings of the bank card (account), illegally engaged in fund payment settlement business, providing "money laundering" helped for telecom fraud and online gambling.

  The police introduced that since January 2020, Li hooked a "studio" in the Syrian District, and recruited friends and family Li Xing, Zeng Mou, Zhang Qiang, Liu Moujiang and other people as an employee, form a clear criminal gang of division of labor . They are responsible for operating transfer, and some are responsible for collecting bank cards around, and some people are responsible for cash. The gang repeatedly entered into and out of the hundreds of bank accounts he controlled, and finally reached the purpose of "shackles". It is reported that since the "Fault Card Action" has been carried out, the NZU-Zhou District Public Security Bureau has taken place in all kinds of people involved in the criminal and "two cards" illegal crimes, and 453 "two cards" suspects were arrested. Police reminder, recent part-time brush single fraud, loan fraud, network dating induced investment fraud, induced gambling "killing pig dishes" fraud, shopping refund fraud and other cases high, the victim loss of the case is large, it is recommended that the masses are highly vigilant.

(Reporter Yang Di, Hu Xu).