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2021 China International Wine Expo held in Yibin, Sichuan, December 17

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Wang Xiaoxue photographed the People’s Network Chengdu December 8 (Reporter Wang Mingfeng) Today, the reporter learned from the 2021 China International Wine Expo Press Conference, approved by the Ministry of Commerce, special support by the China Light Industry Federation, hosted by the China Wine Industry Association, The 2021 China International Wine Expo undertaken by the Yibin Municipal People’s Government and Wuliang Group will be held on December 17th in Yibin City, China White Wine.

2021 China International Wine Expo is the theme of "Wine Yibin · Anti-drunk World", with internationalization, specialization, branding, production area, and focusing on government, wine enterprises, distributors show, exchange, sharing, An important platform for cooperation.

The main activities have open ceremonies, boutique display, 2021 Chinese Wine Industry Association Chief White Wine Normal Universiars, First "Wuliang Cup" Sichuan College Student Wine Innovation Creative Competition, 12 · 18 International Wine Shopping Festival, 2021 China International Wine Expo Line Exhibition, "Archaeological Wuliangye" project results conference, Wuliangye 12 · 18 Super Fan Festival.

He Yong, secretary general of the China Wine Industry Association, said in Yibin, China International Wine Expo, let the world’s wine culture and Chinese wine culture collide with Chinese wine, will accelerate the pace of Chinese liquor to go out, bringing consumers around the world More Chinese liquor products share a long Chinese wine culture.

At the same time, 2021 China International Wine Expo takes online + offline exhibition mode, will expand the popularity and reputation of Yibin "Chinese liquor capital", comply with the trend of the times, lead the development direction of the industry, and help alcohol’s whole industry chain Innovation and development, realizing the deep integration of traditional industries and digital economy, with the vast wine enterprises to open "wine enterprises + Internet" road.

Hua Shuwu, member of the Party Group of Yibin Municipal People’s Government, said that this exposition is mainly highlighting: First, international. Events are more focused on internationalization, and more than 20 heavyweight guests from 9 countries will participate in activities; 5 international top wine industry groups bring 20 alcohol brands. The second is group Yinghui.

5 foreign countries, 15 most famous wine companies in China will show the best-quality alcohol products at this Expo will be a famous wine gathering, and the wine industry celebration. The third is digital.

After the interior of the China International Wine Expo, the platform will provide continuous online exhibition services to exhibit enterprises, break the time, space, and regional limitations, realize the display, transaction, and negotiate permanent online. Jiang Wenchun, chairman of the Wuliang Ceration’s Board of Supervisors, said that the first three quarters of this year, the Wuliang Group company achieved sales income of 106.9 billion yuan, an increase of 17% year-on-year; the profit and taxation of 37.6 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 20% year-on-year, as the industry leading enterprise, Wuliangye development steady, development Strong powerful.

Wuliangye’s twenty-fifth 12 · 18 common-construction sharing conference series will be held during the fair, and Wuliangye will use the form of five grain and liquid in the new era of five grain, thank each other to work with Wuliangye. Partners and consumers.

(Editor: Zhang Yulin, Gao Hongxia) Sharing let more people see.