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54.3 billion yuan pull "disk" Chengdu Daxi gather to build a hundred boutique forest plates

art show.

The Daishi County Party Committee Propaganda Department is introduced. Daxie County will lead to "the park city under construction" and "high-quality development to attack the year" as the main line, "International Ecological Cultural Tourism" Destination "is the goal, adhere to the development ideas of" specialty towns + forest plate ", focus on five projects, implementing the five major projects of snow mountain protection and repairing construction and" 10 major projects of happiness and good life ", with Xiling Ice World Paradise, Anren – New Field History Cultural Park, Chengdu Ancient Tree Park, Xijiang Yue Fashion Park, etc. Beautiful parks, etc. Snow Mountain Daxie.

Daxi County is located in the west of Chengdu Plain, has 6 countries with six countries such as Xiling Snow Mountain and rich Sichuan forest dish resources.

The Sichuan Pan is the form of rural settlements unique to Chengdu Plain, which is a composite rural homage environment integrated with production, life and landscape.

There are 2506 forest disks, and more than 10 acres of forest plates in Datun County, the number of forest plates in the city, is the city’s first in the city, and is the only national Sichuan-forest plate protection and repair demonstration county in Chengdu.

According to reports, in the next three years, Daxie will adopt a new method of "planning planning + design", and reshape the rural economic geography in the whole forest plate, surrounding the unique advantages of snow mountains, forests, hot springs, ancient towns, idyllic, etc. In terms of forest dish aesthetics design, build "Snow Mountain Daxie · Tianfu Forest Pan" brand, let looks to see the mountain, see the water, remember the modern "peach blossom source" of the hometown to attract eight people.

"Taiping Yu Yu Ji" records, the origin of the Daxie is "the majority of his", and it is called ". Today’s Dazhao is no longer the region, but the revitalization is also big, the development pattern is also large, the construction scale is also large, the brand reputation is also large, is a veritable "big". (Editor: Yuan Yu, Gao Hongxia).