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The Wolf Flag Public Security Bureau Forest Public Security Bureau actively rescues wild animals to construct people and natural harmony

Recently, I received a phonetic call from herds, and the Huangqi Public Security Bureau Forest Public Security Bureau said that there was a hurt swan near the Rhizhiru, Wulama, and the Forest Public Security Bureau attached great importance to it, and immediately organized people to rush to the scene.

After a while, it reaches the destination.

After observation, it is determined that the migratory bird is a national secondary protected animal wild swan. Under the joint efforts of the staff and the staff of the grassland and the grassland, they will be rescued.

After careful examination, it was found that his wings were injured, and the suspected migration was scratched by the net fence. The police made a simple dressing of the swan, and then placed the swan back to the wildlife rescue station for treatment.

In recent years, with the continuous increase in the publicity of wildlife protection, the public’s awareness of wildlife is significantly improved, and the good ecological atmosphere of all the people will care, protect, and be kind to wild animals, so that some injuries and fall The rescued wildlife has obtained freshmen and returned to nature. (Xing Liping) (Edited: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.