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Tianqiao Ling Forest Public Security Police Ice Snow Pavement

[Guide] The rain and snow in this winter, giving great security hidden dangers to road traffic in Tianqiaolin District, Jilin Province, in order to eliminate road safety hazards in the jurisdiction, reducing the inconvenience caused by the throne of the ice and snow. On December 23, the police station of Zhangjiatian, Tianqiao Ling Forest Public Security Bureau, launched a paved anti-sand in main roads to ensure that there was no serious traffic accident in the jurisdiction. The police and the auxiliary police of Zhangjiadian police station were led by the leadership. They came to the shadow of Zhangxin Highway to Zhang Xinzhong Road, and the snow and snow pavement was laid, although the weather was cold, the cold wind bullies, participation in non-slip The police of Samsham is full of heat, and then doing more effort.

After nearly 3 hours of hard work, Zhangjiadian Linfu went to Xinhua Forest Square 6 kilometers of ice and snow road hidden dangers.

In order to protect the people in residents in the residential area, the police will continue to make persistent efforts, and ensure the safety travel of the people of the residential area, and ensure the safety of the masses, through road traffic safety rectification actions, for the passenger transport, freight vehicle to create A good travel environment, this is a praise from the surroundings.

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