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Tibet Qiong Nie: Volunteers "Sixty Times" broadcast in the new era civilization

2020-04-27 China Tibet Network 2020 is a winning result of winning the poverty, the final battle of the decisive battle of a well-off society, is also the key to the new era civilization practice center in Shannan County, Shannan City, Tibet Autonomous Region.

Since the establishment of the volunteer service team in Qiongjie County New Times Civilization Practice Center, with "six-school six" (passing theory theory, passing the moral learning model, pass policy learning, passing the culture, the law, the rule of law, the technical practice Fulu) is the center task, focus on "Volunteer service solution, win the poverty", actively carry out civilized practice volunteer service activities, provide intimate services for grassroots people, especially the establishment of the Cards, and help consolidate the effectiveness of the effectiveness. The theory of passing theory, the latest theory of the party flying into the usual people’s homework, the propaganda of the theory of the theory is not empty, boring. Qiongjie County New Times Civilization Practice Center volunteer service team went deep into townships, villages, into the field, into the people’s home, and villagers and lives with labor, comprehensively and more detailed "two unfair three guarantees" especially The weak links in the "Safety of Housing Safety", pay for money to help the grassroots people solve practical difficulties. The picture shows volunteers to participate in the obligation photography: Qu Jie and the grassroots masses are picked up, and they will become a group. The masses will be recognized, they will be willing to listen, listen, remember to live. The majority of volunteers are often in the township village group, the field, and the people’s family, and the grassroots people often, the development of the grassroots, and the Chinese characteristic socialist thinking, the party’s 19th National and 19th Plenary Session, Xi Jinping General Secretary Important speech is integrated into it. If the spring breeze is slowly immersed in the grassroots mass heart.

Without the truth of being blunt, the privileges combined with the "four talks and four love" content, putting the party’s latest theory and guidance thinking through grounding, temperature, and mud taste, publicity, in the field, and the masses.

  In the past few days, four towns and towns in Qiongjie County, 20 administrative villages, 71 natural villages, often able to see party members and cadres in the new era civilization, rushing in the field and the masses, and working together with the masses, put their thoughts The theoretical propaganda is integrated into it and has a good effect.

Under Qiongjie measures Jay County Water Village bar fruit, said: "ideological and theoretical new era of civilization volunteers preach great sense of substitution, they labor with us, live with us, talking about something very real and very down to earth, I willing to listen, but also willing to remember.

"The power of mass moral learning model, and demonstrates the moral model of Getting Rid of Poverty, we must pockets bulging, but also to moral parallel stand up. Volunteer team at all levels to" pass moral learning model "for the purpose, to educate and guide the grassroots wealth through hard work, self-reliance, work hard and play advanced models of dedication and moral model par by fresh cases occurred among the masses around the infected masses, guide the masses, educating the masses.

Qonggyai county jade Township strong pull Yoshimura former deputy secretary of the Party branch, Rigzin, head of the three groups, although already sacrificed more than four years, but local villagers still remember Rigzin selfless dedication to the development of the village did, he still remembers Yong save the drowning scene sacrificed their precious lives of women. Local volunteer teams to Rigzin deeds modeled, written choreography a lot of touching, thought-provoking propaganda material, so that "pass moral learning model" to lead the force and exemplary moral tension and demonstrates, education played a very good effect. Xi Chuan policy Thanksgiving, clear benefits come from volunteer service teams at all levels of in-depth information on where to preach the benefits of the party’s policy of tackling poverty knowledge, guide the masses to the best use of the party’s strong agriculture and benefit farmers, the people Huimin policy, the good policies into for the development of production, good ideas and good initiatives to become rich. Mass poverty, life is getting better and better, volunteer service teams focus "Biography policy learning gratitude" to preach reasoned manner, so that the people by encouraging changes occur in his body and his side, where the benefits really feel the benefits from how can sense the party en education more vivid and specific, educational immediate effect.

The picture shows the depth volunteer village (community) preach tackling poverty policies Photography: Bear Qiongjie climb from town Qiongjie County Community Health snow grams Dawa Tsering group of villagers last year when it moved into a unified government built, fully equipped, bright and spacious ex situ poverty alleviation relocation point new home. He said: "The place used to live in high altitude, poor soil, bad weather, lack of water, we have lived there for generations, no matter how hard they try, can not always become better off we are, as we chose a county transportation. convenient, adequate water, fertile soil, suitable climate good place, we also built a new house so good, to help us solve the employment, the development of production and the day after will certainly be happier.

"Ex situ poverty alleviation relocation completely solve the" one soil to support a party who can not "issue, in the new relocation site, moving and relocation of the masses, stay, get rich, living standards and improve qualitative improvement.

Volunteer service teams at all levels in order to sense the core of the party loving a teaching materials, educate and guide the masses, for the masses to further enhance the listening party, then, with the party’s confidence and determination.

  Biography cultural learning new wind, create a healthy strong atmosphere of strong cultural self-confidence, so that grassroots people enjoy a more colorful cultural life, both practical issues civilized practice center of a new era, but also promote the new era of wind, highlighting an important new meteorological era.

The county teams at all levels of volunteer service to the center of the station as the basis to build a "1 + 4 + 20" organizations Services Framework (a county-level new era of civilization Practice Center, four new era of civilization township-level practice, 20 village community level a new era of civilization practice station), adopt a "single point masses, centers (stations) to send a single volunteer orders, masses of single assessment" approach, providing for the grassroots to life and reality of spiritual culture product, educate and guide the masses Zonta for good, get rid of bad habits, focus on a new era of wind Pei tree line with the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics connotation.

  Xi Chuan law rule of law, the use of a comprehensive study of law abiding rule of law is knowledgeable about the law problem socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era of meaning and essential elements. All levels of volunteer service teams respond Qiongjie county government "comprehensively promote the county law" call, extensive "pass laws and practice the rule of law" voluntary service activities, to win tough fight poverty, building a moderately prosperous society to provide legal protection. Qonggyai county Bureau of Justice with the new era of civilization practice platform to build a sound system, comprehensive coverage, obvious effect of the new Franco-Prussian team carry out regular publicity and propaganda activities, through entertaining, and daily life of missionary way, educate and guide the grassroots study of law abiding know French usage, and create a whole society to create a "rule of law Qiongjie" a thick atmosphere. Qonggyai county in the village of Tashi Township, Ma added the ninth installment of the working week to members of the team, said: "slack, we often organize the villagers to watch videos and the rule of law in the Franco-Prussian movie theme room, through vivid real case, the popularity of the masses legal knowledge, explain in detail the close relationship with the various laws of production and life of farmers and herdsmen, the village more solid basis for the rule of law, awareness ‘all law-abiding, law protect everyone’ more determined. "Chuan Technology Xi Fu Road, enhancing grassroots students consolidate power within the masses out of poverty effectiveness, strengthen internal and grassroots especially archiving raw power of the masses stand card, "Chuan Technology Xi Fu Road" is a good move. Qiongjie County Bureau of agriculture and rural areas, and Social Council, universities do, double founder and other functional departments focus "Technology Xi Chuan Fu Road", further promote skills training, job recruitment, business support, employment of college graduates entrepreneurship work, the technology rich as the force point and the main direction, the basic plate handling and stability of employment, to broaden the channels for grassroots people to get rich, and provide a strong boost to win the battle out of poverty. Qonggyai county jade Township strong pull Yoshimura Karma Dorjee students about to graduate, Qiongjie county propaganda department package village cadres came to him to learn more about the situation, fill out the sound. "Tibetan nationality college graduates employment file table," according to its technical expertise and entrepreneurial intention employment after graduation what they have learned, coordinating contact the relevant departments to implement the employment of college graduates entrepreneurship support policies, provide effective caring and thoughtful service, to ensure that graduates will be able to obtain employment Karma Dorje, is about to graduate in confused period of Karma Dorje had a reassurance.

(China Tibet Network special correspondent / song from Jay Bear climbing).