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Still worried about the plucking? Looking at Spain "Technology Summation" Wisdom Solution

On December 8, the Spanish "Abbe" website recently reported that in recent years, the major cities in Spain have relieved congestion through intelligent signal lights, networked vehicles, while reducing emissions and accidents.

Prevent traffic accidents, reduce carbon dioxide emissions, reduce energy consumption such as gasoline, saving time to waste on the road & hellip; & hellip; given these advantages, more and more cities do not accidentally choose high-efficiency on its main traffic roads Traffic management measures. To this end, multinational companies, large enterprises, universities, startup companies and SME are developing intelligent technology products and solutions to optimize urban traffic, resolve or at least alleviate the headache of traffic jam.

The new system will make Spain’s big urban turn into a more comfortable, efficient and sustainable transportation hub. Not only in Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, but in many other towns in Spain, many other people in Spain have appeared in this practice case.

According to the report, the driver usually relys replaces the car navigator or mobile app to recommend alternative routes to avoid congestion; the government will also promote the use of mobile applications, provide real-time information for free parking spaces in specific areas and the entire city area & hellip; however These initiatives are now unable to meet people’s needs. If you take into account some big cities, it takes an average of 15 minutes average to park.

Traffic closion will cost the EU’s 1% GDP (GDP), and generate 40% of road transportation carbon dioxide emissions, then more intelligent solutions have clearly become an urgent need.