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The virus is a common enemy President G20 speech as a global cultural affection for China’s wisdom.

People’s Network Beijing March 27th (Damatothy Huang Yuqi) March 26 "Important speech.

How to understand the four initiatives proposed in the speech? What is the positive significance of the world’s joint fight against the epidemic? The Sports Forum invited Zhang Yanheng, chief researcher in China International Economic Exchange Center, and Chen Fengying, former director of the World Economic Research Institute, China Modern International Relations. Work together: work together to deal with common enemy strong national forum: The meeting is the first leader video summit in G20, and since the outbreak of the epidemic, President Xi Jinping attended the first major multilateral event. What is the evaluation of the significance and results of this meeting? Chen Fengying, former director of the World Economic Research Institute of China Modern International Relations: The core content of this G20 Special Summit has three aspects: First, cooperation in public health measures. At present, the epidemic acceleration spreads, international cooperation can help caught in a difficult country response The epidemic crisis, including shortage of pharmaceuticals, technology sharing, vaccine, etc., allowing the world to overcome the epidemic as soon as possible; second, coordinate economic stimulus measures of major economies, avoiding some national "hitchhiking" or "respective self-sweeping doors Front snow "; third is to reduce tariffs, cancel barriers, and smooth trade system.

The sum of the summits, the first is to boost confidence.

President Xi’s speech passed the powerful confidence in the victory of the epidemic, and played an important leading role in the fight against the epidemic.

The second is to work together. In the case of global spread, there is no country to stand by side, and therefore, it is necessary to strengthen cooperation.

The summit has achieved important consensus: First, the summit statement put forward, to adopt transparent, powerful, coordinated, large-scale, scientific global actions to fight the epidemic, and commit to establish a united front should be a co-threat; at the same time should work together, Together, transparent information, exchange of epidemiology, and clinical data, share the materials needed to R & D, take all necessary public health measures to provide sufficient funds to inhibit this big epidemic.

Second, start the 5 trillion US dollars to boost the economic plan, jointly maintain the world economy, summit the use of existing policies tools, reduce the damage caused by the major epidemic to economic and social development, restore global economic growth, maintain market stability Enhance economic toughness. Third, jointly respond to the interference caused by international trade, and strive to ensure the normal medical supplies, key agricultural products and other commodities and services, and strive to solve the problem of global supply chain interrupts.

Fourth, strengthen global cooperation and ready to respond quickly, and further action as needed. World Health Organization, International Monetary Fund, World Bank, and Multilateral Development Bank, quickly decisive cooperation, deployment of strong, coordinated, fast package financial plans. China Initiative: The four focuses on the fight against the epidemic. Positive Strong Strong Strong Strong National Forum: President Xi Jinping puts forward four initiatives in the speech: "Resolutely hit new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control global blocking war; effectively carry out international joint defense; actively support international organization Play a role; strengthen the coordination of international macroeconomic policies.

"How to interpret? Zhang Yanheng, chief researcher in China International Economic Exchange Center: The speech at the summit adoters the human fate community concept, combined with China’s anti-epidemic practice experience, to share China’s experience, China Wisdom, China contribute to the international community The epidemic has played an important leading role. These four initiatives have focused on the four important functions of the current joint response to the epidemic in different respections. First, we will make a new crown pneumonia epidemic prevention and control global blocking war. President Xi Jinping puts forward, convened twenty as soon as possible The Minister of Health, I propose to initiate the 20th National Group’s Epretance Association, which is especially important for some developing countries that are not enough doctors and medical resources, and those with weak belongings are also relatively important. It is forward-looking, assuming that these countries have spread. And spread, the situation will be more difficult.

Second, the effective implementation of international joint prevention and control, pull up the international joint prevention and control network. Each country can form a mechanism in drug testing and other aspects, I think it is necessary. The era of globalization, no country can manage alone.

Third, speaking from the perspective of global governance, and actively supports international organizations play a role. These big G20 countries should work closely with the World Health Organization, the real World Health Organization to play a leading role in the fight against SARS during unite rather than their own array.

Fourth, to strengthen international coordination of macroeconomic policies. The full impact of the global epidemic caused by production and demand, countries should join forces to increase macro-hedge policy efforts to prevent the world economy into recession.

Strong Nation Forum: President Xi Jinping pointed out that countries should join forces to increase efforts to hedge macroeconomic policy; to implement strong and effective fiscal and monetary policy, strengthen financial supervision and coordination to jointly safeguard the stability of the global industrial chain supply chain. How would you understand? US politicians have said medical device supply chain outside the United States want China and the other transferred back to the United States.

How would you rate? Zhang Yansheng: These initiatives proposed by President Xi is targeted.

For example, to maintain global industrial chain, a stable supply chain, the premise is to jointly fight against the epidemic, the epidemic under control.

Isolation will cause the industry chain, supply chain disruptions, it is difficult to achieve interoperability, logistics, capital, manpower.

The global industrial chain, the supply chain has three production networks: North American production network, production network in Europe and America, East Asian production network, which has its own three production networks of global division of labor, you have me, I have you, interdependent . If we do not respect the economic laws and common sense, supply chain, industrial chain transfer, undermine its stability, which in itself is a kind of trade protectionism.

Impact of the global epidemic, therefore tariff reductions, the abolition of barriers to the smooth flow of trade, maintenance, supply chain, stable industrial chain, trade and investment protectionism and other obstacles to clear, to maintain world economic stability and boost world economic recovery morale is very important. Chinese contribution: to show the proper attitude of responsible power powerful forum: President Xi Jinping put forward in his speech that China will continue to implement the proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy, reform and opening up unswervingly expand, expand market access, continued optimization camp environment, and actively expand imports, expanding foreign investment, contribute to world economic stability. What does this mean for the current Chinese economic development, the development of the world economy? How to treat China as the sacrifices and contributions made to the global epidemic prevention and control of victory? Zhang Yansheng: China demonstrated a proper attitude of a responsible power.

China will adopt a proactive fiscal policy and prudent monetary policy, create demand for the world economy, to keep monetary policy flexible and appropriate.

Unswervingly expand the reform and opening up, expand market access, actually refers to China to promote joint fight against SARS in an open manner, stability of the global industrial chain, supply chain, to ensure global welfare. Actively expand imports, equivalent to create demand worldwide, creating orders, which global companies, as well as employment and livelihood are a significant contribution. President Xi speech also suggested that China will expand foreign investment.

Foreign investment to the country which will create GDP, employment and tax to this country. These measures are to contribute to world economic stability.

In addition, President Xi also made it clear that China will increase efforts to supply pharmaceutical raw materials, daily necessities, epidemic prevention materials and other products to the international market. Combating the disease need medicine, pharmaceutical raw materials needed for production of medications, China is now one of two raw material drug production and export of power. China not only failed to limit the export of bulk drugs, but also continue to increase exports, to protect international drug production, to support the fight against the epidemic. In this regard, China Institute of Contemporary International Relations Institute of World Economy former director of Chen Fengying said: China’s contribution is mainly manifested in several ways, first of all, to fight the epidemic, to prevent the spread of the epidemic, China has taken the most stringent control measures and explore a set of relatively mature epidemic prevention and control program for the global epidemic prevention erected a "first line of defense", both for the world for the precious time, he has accumulated valuable experience. China is a global epidemic prevention and control of victory made outstanding contributions, but also paid a heavy price and sacrifice, fully demonstrated China to play a responsible power. Second, take the initiative to share China’s experience in prevention and treatment of pneumonia new crown. China first time isolated and identified the virus strain, and to share the complete genome sequence virus World Health Organization, provides an important foundation launched drugs, vaccines, diagnostics research scientists around the world, the establishment of the formation of nucleic acid detection, antibody detection supporting the testing and other technology system, Chen Fengying believes that today’s epidemic of our research and development is more advanced. Finally, actively carry out foreign aid the fight against SARS, China’s own good basis on epidemic prevention and control, to provide assistance within its capacity to relevant countries.

As of the 26th, China has four batches fight against SARS assistance to 89 countries and four international organizations, organization and implementation, including detection reagents, masks and other medical supplies.

China provided $ 20 million contribution to WHO, support its international cooperation in the fight against SARS. China’s local governments, businesses and civil society organizations also lend a helping hand to the epidemic-hit countries, Iran, Iraq, Italy, Serbia, Cambodia send medical experts.

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