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US media: How do Go’s hot search list record 2021 in the United States?

On December 9, the US Walkers website published a report on the website of Luni Mora on December 8th, entitled "What is the" 2021 US, what is Google Hot Same "."

The full text is as follows: Google website will announce the American hot playback every year to let readers can understand the American collective book from the whole.

These lists not only show what people are most searching, but also emphasize that people have search for this year and no search words and phrases in the previous year. In fact, these search reflect our latest concerns, wishes and questions that we don’t want to ask anyone outside Google because they are too embarrassed.

Depending on your perspective, 2021 either encrypted currency growth into a year of reliable financial assets, or the encrypted currency has proved to be a scam year, or just it enters the mainstream. It is of course very popular in Google. How to pronounce and buy these two categories (however, people are more interested in buying rather than how to pronounce), multi-portions are the most popular topics.

The price of the talents is a popular news search topic. AMC and GameStop are mainly in 2021, also become newly popular search objects. Unbelievable is that these stocks in the stock market this year are also very good.

The continued uncertainty of the US economy may support this new year’s share of the stock market and the interest of alternative assets as a rapid way. Super Million Lottery and Financial Stimulating Check-on Hot Search shows that fixed income is not ideal. The hot search includes some obvious unstable but flexible work, such as Amazon website sellers and Doldash rider.