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Running a dream

The Jiangbag Group in May is full of learning and hard work. In the Duexing Copper Mine Shuizhou Mining Factory Mining Area, "90" Flotation Workers Chen Mengyi is like usually, and every time I time, I have to run the scene.

The weather is getting hot, a class, her face is always full of sweat, "river copper blue" clothing is stamped from time to time, just like a blooming flower.

The company’s key research results transformation project – the world’s super large 680 cubic meters flotation machine industrial test is underway. At the flotation operation site, Chen Mengyi observed the color of the foam for a while, and measures the concentration of the slurry for a while, and adjusted the equipment parameters for a while. When the mineral change is relatively large, she has to observe the bubble situation for a long time, find the law from a subtle change, and combine fluorescence data.

With the ability to learn, patient and meticulous quality, "halfway home", she will soon master the operation of "one touch, one look, one adjustment, one adjustment", this "small word" has also become the factory model Innovative studio’s backbone. "Party members should be a banner, try to put indicators." Chen Mengyi, daily and drugs, slurry, is always very happy when seeing the indicators, "As for me, the taste of the slurry is the passion of struggle I urged me to constantly power. "On April 23, Chen Mengyi passed a special unforgettable collective political birthday in the party branch and several old party members.

Revision into the party’s oath, talk to the party’s initial experience, saying that the party is a small story, saying to the party … "I am really exciting, I have lived the collective political birthday for the first time." Chen Mengyi was surrounded by happiness, while It is specially sinking the burden on the shoulders.

"The Communist Party of China has taken over a hundred years. After the hardship, Bailian has become an ideal, it is ideal, relying on faith. To realize the Chinese dream of the Chinese nation, we must take our long-scale road.

As a young man, it is necessary to maintain tenacity, pursue the light of the belief; maintain strength, pursue the light of the spirit; keep your strength, pursue the light of hope. "November last year, Chen Mengyi participated in Jinggangshan training class in the National Youthlands. Wearing red army clothes, focusing on the Red Army Road, self-made red rice pumpkin soup … through theory and practice, she has the work to the pace New understanding and thinking. For 8 years, Chen Mengyi has continued to win the mine, company-level, provincial flotation work skills competition, become "Jiangxi Technical Expert" "13th National Youth Board" And harvested the "Jiangxi May 1st Labor Medal" "National Wuyi Towels" "" National Mandari Towels "and other serial honors. In her youth dictionary, run, chasing, struggle, dream is the most Good "foot". "As a young party member of the new era, I will not be neglighted, with the posture of running into the run, with the actual action to chase preface …" (Reporter Liu Fei) (Editor: Qiu Wei) , Rona).