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Tiandi Termage Investigated the National Ministry of Industry and Information Technology "New Generation Information Technology and Manufacturing Integration Development Pilot Demonstration" Unit

It is understood that the two integration is the high-level depth combination of informationization and industrialization. The core is the information support, pursue sustainable development model, using information management means such as big data, precisely analyze the market, develop development goals, is a company realization The necessary means of higher strategic goals.

In recent years, the Tiandi has fully implemented the new Tiangang Group and the company’s smart manufacturing work plan, to create "smart new day iron" as the implementation concept, according to the "efficiency, cost, real, controllable, and close demand proposed in Ding Liguo , Close to the market "six strategic vision, circulating new generation of information technology, deep integration of big data, cloud computing, industrial Internet, etc. Successful exploration and practice in various fields.

According to relevant person in charge, the integrated management capabilities of Tiandar Financial Business In accordance with the needs of the company’s management, purchase, procurement, production tracking to cost seamless integration. Focusing around the value stream, re-combining the process, opening up the landscape, longitudinal channel of business data, has established financial management models "pre-prior process control, business review, post-accident analysis", greatly enhances settlement efficiency, avoiding business risks, and Master the company’s operating status; based on the new Tiandi industry Internet intelligent management platform, surround the core construction of Kingdee Yuncang ERP, collaborate integrated smart sales management system, smart procurement management system, intelligent remote unmantening check system, digital quality inspection The system and other comprehensive platforms have created the digital model of steel industries, control, controlled, and financial services integrated steel industries. Next, Tiangui will continue to consolidate the "two-way integration" to develop roots, focus on the "four accelerated" works of the chairman, learn from the management experience and information practice of advanced steel enterprises at home and abroad, with demand-oriented, systematic supplement Short board, solve pain points; based on true, establish "longitudinal concentration, horizontal", facing the company’s large-scale data platform; borrowing, lending, to make full use of new technologies such as 5G, AI, big data, deep excavation A variety of digital application scenarios, continuously promote management change, tracking effect, realistic value, and empower high quality development in the steel industry. (Editor: Li Zhe, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see the recommended reading.