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The Commission for Discipline Inspection and Commission of Foshan City Chancheng District: Solving the problem for the people

  "I used to pass by here. Everyone went on the wall, worried that the exterior wall that would be suddenly falling off. Thanks to the help of the patrol group, now this safety hazard hazard hanging on the top is already solved!" Zen District Shanzi Community residents Pan Shuzhen said in touch.

  It turned out that there is a certain safety hazard due to years of loss of immunity and exterior of the outer walls and existence of the exterior wall.

When the Zen City Committee of the Chancheng Committee conducted a routine inspection of the party committee of the Shanzi Community, after receiving the relevant issues, the first time I organized the community "two committees" cadres to the scene to see the scene, and urge the Shanzi community to fulfill the main responsibility of the rectification. It is proposed to respond to the masses concerned. Shanzi Community implements the requirements of patrol, with the invitation of the community party committee, the party member demonstration leads, the form of the building, the form of professional power, and the formation of special procedures consultation platform, promoting all the owners of the building, started in May this year Complete the exterior wall repair project. The third inspection team followed up the completion of the repair project, and urged the party committee of Shanzi Community to sum up the experience, and raised the two, with the completion of the repair project, driving the group of other old building residents in the community, and set up the problem of the exterior wall of the area of ??the jurisdiction.

  There is also a similar security hazard, and there is a serious aging of electricity in the jurisdiction, and the phenomenon of flowing sparks and short circuits often occurs, not only bringing great inconvenience to residents, but there is a certain safety hazard.

After the relevant situation, the District Party Committee, the District Party Committee, immediately issued a notice of the establishment of the establishment of the LSI to the Shengtang Community, requiring the development of specific and feasible renovation measures to solve the problems of the masses.

At the beginning of this year, the electricity meter wires of the two economic agencies under the Church Community have all been replaced. In addition, the district committee patrol group also promoted the resolution of the old building installed elevators, "charging pile" standard installation and other people’s livelihood issues closely related to the people’s vital interests. Recently, the Chancheng District Patrol Group has been deeply involved in the village (community), will solve the work of his life to the people’s livelihood as the focus of "looking back" work, through the site, listen to the report, check the reform desk, individual conversations, etc. Feedback and rectification measures supervise the implementation of rectification. "Promoting the extension of the patrol to the village (community) party organization, it is necessary to directly hit the key difficulties of the people concerned, and solve the ‘heart of the people’ at home, promote the level of grassroots governance, and constantly enhance the happiness of the masses.

"The relevant person in charge of the Chancheng District Office" (the Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Chan City).