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“Achievement to Hi, etc.,No one dares to say a certain line,But for so many years,I have to step out that step。”

Luohai Lord sigh,“I have asked too vicious brothers.,What is the existence of soight?,He can’t say,Cannot think,Not smear,Invisible。”
East, Master,Secretly,Feeling mystery and Xuan。
Luo Water Road laughs,“Appearance、Mission、Mys up、The rules are all the definitions and concepts of our monks,But at a high level,Transcendence、concept、cause and effect、substance、Language,So not describe,Cannot be described。”
The master is still unexpected,Even some exclusive,“Have the same existence,What is meaningful?
Distinguished ability to solve hidden dangers,But it is not possible to shoot。”
Her words are deeply,It is inevitable that the taste of the monster。
Luo Water Road,“Tai Xi brother can’t shoot,Is the law limit,Not he is ruthless。”
East, Master Zhang Zhang,In the end, sigh,No more。
Two people talk,http://www.guang618.cnSummer in the world of summer and martial arts,Fierce。
They are bloody,Crash and swords,In addition to the vast energy,It has also formed a great pressure on each other.。
The two-person capillary capillaries are performed out,I don’t know how much blood in the mouth,But they are all tenants,No one will shake。
Thereby forming a unnecessary situation。
Sword,Knife,Sword,Energy is raging,The two once again been shocked.,Vomiting blood。
In today’s level,Power is too powerful,Every blow is wrapped in heaven and earth。
If there is no absolute advantage,One party defeating the other party is too difficult。
Especially Wu Shu,At the moment, I’m close to the anger.。
He didn’t think of it.,Have a decree,But keep the battle under this state。
Any secret surgery has a load limit,It is impossible to continue。
If it reaches the limit,Then Wu Shu’s power will reappear,When it is, it is pressed against the summer.。
He can see it,I am a secret improvement of myself.,Summer is pure martial arts and skills。
Both are too big.。
“The martial law also has the limit,I don’t believe you can carry it.”Wu Shu bites teeth,Decide with summer consumption。
Let him give up the top three,Never possible!However, at this time,Summer wetching an extreme powerful force,The surrounded circumference of the earth is dramatically turned.。
Summer hands in the hands of summer,A few points again。
The second style of God is again integrated。
Only simple single three hits!The iron sword is like carrying a world.,Slowly down,Clearly clear clear,Magical incredibility。
“boom”The invisible pressure is too heavy.,Earthly cracking,Cracked cracks in space。
Wu Shu,I feel hard to catch this sword,And feel the threat of death。
He ran,Side of the body,Avoid,But the sword on the iron sword has invaded into the body。
Wow!Just land,Wufeng big mouth vomiting blood,Running Xuanzong to force the sword。