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A sudden sound,Raw zo chest bone fragmentation,A huge blood cave,His god god almost collapsed in this boxing。

A big hand is in the back of the cold,Pumping the resilience again,Remnant fringed,Mad,Faceless,Almost even standing up the ability.。
“This is the god of the gods.?”Lin Feng’s figure came out,The breath on his body is not weakened,Added a few points。
“you,who are you?Why don’t we have the fire of our beloved??”Watching Lin Feng mouth shake。
“I am the city of this bloody city.!”Lin Feng stepped on the face of the cold:“roll!”
Talking between Lin Feng kicked on the cold,Kick your resilience,The voice of the cold scream。
“I must slaughter the bloody city!”
The residual sound came from the void.。
“City owner,Why put this person?This person is criminally evil。”The monster night song looks at the resilience of being kicked by Lin Feng.。
“This residual is not low in the status of the residency.,Can bring more people’s masters。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“And he absolutely encourages the masters of ice and cold.。”
“The meant of the city is?Capitalize their masters?”Monster night songs:“Gather?”
“good,The more you come, the better。”Lin Feng is cold:“This bloody city is a four large domain junction,Don’t let the two big domains,They are not long-term。”
“so it is,City owner,I have a plan to let them come more of the army to come here.。”Monster night song suddenly:“Direct slaughter army!”
Chapter 111 Enemies
“What plan?”Lin Feng heard the words。Baidu search(Township\village\Small\Say\net)
“In fact, it is also very simple.,It is the army of the northwest city.,Ocean dress guard blood monthly city。”Monster night song:“Such ice and cold areas and residual areas must fall to the army.。”
“Die?Can they come to the army??”Lin Feng doubts。
“If it is never,Top multi-purpose master came to come,But if it is our army,They definitely send the army to come,These two families are the race with hatred.,What’s more, this time they die, the identity is not low.。”Monster night song。
“it is good!”
Lin Feng sorrows:“I will let the northwest city stationed in the army.,Attracting the masters of the two big domains,Direct slaughter,But you have to observe the movement of the two big troops.。”
“Do not worry,This is handed over to our brother!”Demon night songs。
“it is good,Corpse!”Lin Feng looked down at Tobali and others.,Tolsmut and others have gone through these bodies all income space bracelets.。
After Lin Feng, I went to the bloody city.,The bloody taste inside the bloody city is very strong,Lying in the body everywhere,Have a little older,There are also children’s baby,Some is crucified on the ground,Some is crucified on the wall。
Many young women’s bodies are lying on the street,Hanging shirt。
When Lin Feng,Oriental,Tolsmut and others see this scene,Each kill,Demon night songs, etc.,With deep hatred。
“All these bodies are all packed。”Lin Feng looked at the people:“Concentrate together,It’s a good burial。”
“City owner,rest assured,I am going to do this。”Demon night songs, etc.。
“Let’s do it together.,Shedy,You pack the body of the body and the bodies of those children.。”Lin Feng turned over and looked at Dongfang Yin。
“Um,I am going to do it.。”Dongfang Yin nodded。
Lin Feng looks to the ground,And reach out,A fresh blood is sprinkled on the ground.,Fame after a big hand,A blue stone broke into the palm of Lin Feng。
“Iron hand,Send this bluestone to Yishan King and Daxie Wang。”Lin Feng directly handed the bluestone to the iron hand.:“Let them send a big army!”
“Yes!”Ironist respects this blue stone,I went to the blue stone and disappeared.。
Now Lin Feng,Oriental,Monster night songs and others began to clean up this bloody city’s body,Just when Lin Feng et al.,Top region3000In a mountain。
A man’s body falls on the mountain,It is the cold。
The cold is blood,Both the eyes with the color of the grievance。