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Xue Xin eyebrows,Winter frost,Laud:“presumptuous!I am talking to you.,What is your mouth??!Unregistered!”

“Minimalism,It is the master in the palace.,The scorpion just doesn’t want the little master, and I will be my master.,I hurt the people and the gas,This explains this。”Winter frost, head explanation。
The noble woman next to cover your mouth,A face of innocent:“Hey you said,What is like is like your master can’t look like a sister?。”
“Just a word,My sister is not willing to say??”
Xue Xin listened,I haven’t been very happy.,Suddenly, no wonderful,Immediately,Winter frost brush,Kneeling a few people。
“Minimalism!My master has no such thing.!”
“Here is a Royal Garden.,Your Majesty often,If you see a few more your women at this time this time,It is inevitable that several little masters are in a difficult my master.,so,He didn’t break a few little son’s image before you.?”
“you!OK,You dare to threaten this lady?!!I don’t believe that the lady lets people kill you.!”Xue Xin is full of angry pointing at the winter frost。
Several other friends face each other,Dare to say anything easily。 This scorpion still has a few way.,Anyway, now the purpose of chaling the distance is reached.,As long as they are quiet and quiet!
Winter cream is immediately squatting,road:“Slaves don’t dare!”
“only,So many people in the Royal Garden,If you have passed the prostitute of a palace to the ear,Not good。Slave is just for Xinzhi, you think。”
Xue Xin is an impulsive,Where can I listen to these?,When you have it,I have to give the winter cream a slap,Xue Xin served next to served the woman in time and pulled the sleeve of Rahinxin.,Make the small channel of Xue Xin ear:“Miss,This person said a few points,We just entered the palace,Not easy to get out of the limelight。”
This girlfriend called Zi Ling,Is Xue Tai’s special selection,Put it around Xue Xin,Help Xue Xin。
Obvious,When Xue Tai also knows that his wife is unimpeded.,Specially selected personal help one arm。
certainly,Take care of your own men who have been replaced,Xue Xin is not very happy,It is not very convinced of this purple lite.,But people are picking up after Xue Tai,She can’t listen to people’s opinions。
then,Xue Xin’s uncomfortable one took his arm,road:“Don’t worry!Miss this lady has a number!”
“Don’t fall into this lady,otherwise,Miss this, want you to look good!”
Put a threat to the winter frost,Xue Xinyi sleeves,Salvation leaving the Royal Garden。
The rest of your business,Alive。
The whole process of watching Yunqin’s ability to work in the heart,Awareness。
Yunqin’s medicinality is fast
NS247chapter Herner‘stupid’06
Nothing to do, Xue Xin,The more I want to feel unwilling,One turn under the foot,Going to Kunyi Palace to see Xue Tai。
“aunt,You don’t know,That Qi Yunqin is too bad.!Even the girls around her can teach,It’s really not to put our Xue family in your eyes.!”
Xue Taihou took the shot of Xue Xin to hold his hand.,road:“alright, alright!”
“Purple rings,You say,What happened in the end?,How to make us feel like this??”
Xue Xin listened,Not dry,Shake the arm of Xue Tai:“Oops~aunt!Don’t you believe that Xin Chian said??Xin, but your relative!”
“Ouch,When is the mourning home, I don’t believe you.??”
Xue Tai’s headache frowned,road:“You are the most important thing now.,Just catch the heart of the emperor,As soon as possible!”
“What is you with these slaves???!”
“I!”Xue Xin said that the dumb,Closed mouth,Creative left Kunyi Palace。