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Once,The two were controlled by Gu Huaiqi’s piano.,Just like the Gobian at the moment,It’s until three days and three nights to wake up。

To know,Gogjian is not far from two people,Not close。
Gu Huaiyin’s Qin did not deliberately,He still said。
“puff”With the piano,Look at the look,When you are smirking, you are smirking.,Also woke up。
He is like a frightened cat,Jumping directly。
“what happened?
what happened?
How do I fall into an illusion??”
Gogjian is called,Look at the look。
No one speaks。
Gu Huaiqi low low,Looking at broken strings,There are fewer complications between gods.。
Raise the head,Trend to suppress fluctuations in our hearts。
He slowly stood up,Turning head,“master,Disciple lost。”
Talking is Gogjian,Eyes shoot two pairs,Tight laughed,“Hahaha,Good,summer,We have already got three things,Hahaha。
Brother,I can give it to me now.。”
The old man is obliquely,“And I have this。
Gather,You step down.。”
Gu Huaiqi respectfully,I have a complex look at the summer.,Return to high Taiwan。
The old man slowly stood。
at this time,Gogjian’s previous step,“Waiting for a big brother,I have something to say?”
The old man brows,Dislike,“What do you want to say??”
Gobian smiled,“Brother,You are the five high-end prostitutes,Summer must not win,so,I decided not to waste time.,You are not better than this.,Give me three things,We immediately leave。”
I heard this sentence,Summer stunned,Suddenly crying。
Confused, the three brothers,All in the past,Threat。
“Three teachers,Don’t see me like that,I am telling the fact.,Summer is definitely more than big brothers。”
Gogjian is a pair,“You point to the master of the master?
嘿嘿 嘿,Stop dreaming,Ha ha ha ha……”He laughed,Laugh,It is simply an anti-school。
The face of the three people is more dark.。
The mouth of the old man is also awkward,“Old three,If I have passed my level,You can get two people,You are sure that you have to give up the summer.?”