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This year’s winter holiday came to Yancheng to play,Like last summer vacation,Bunzi is also full of harvest?。

Twenty-seventh,I wish I ice came to Yancheng.。
Since last year, many cities and provinces have been banned to fireworks.,There are more urban and provinces this year to learn about the prohibition,More places can put smoking,On this land,The oldest romantic and source of traditional people are gradually reviving——Fireworks will cause certain safety hazards and some pollution,But it will also bring something,If you don’t have it, you will have a lot more trouble.,corresponding,Will also lose these things it brings。Everything has two sides,Take advantage of it,This trend shows that more and more people have realized that a knife is lazy.,People pay attention to the increasing tradition and spiritual aspects。
This is a good thing。
Eat food,I have to think about it.,Strong,Credible to solve trouble。
Unfortunately, this line does not include Yancheng.。
Yansheng City is still unable to put fireworks,However, there will be some fireworks every day.,With your brother sister to go to the city。
Because the king of the king really likes fireworks,Know that Zhou wants to put fireworks,She takes the group of people in the same day every day.,I will come back on time before and after dinner.,In the eyes of Jiang Yan,It is a group of people attributable to the age.,I don’t know how to say that she is still too well.,Some contradictions,But very people like。
When you blink, you will go to New Year’s Eve.。
Zhou bought more fireworks,I will go out in the morning.,I am afraid to go to the afternoon.、Go buy again in the evening.,Good-looking fireworks will be bought by others。
In the afternoon, a car and fireworks went to the village of the hill village.,Let the milk cows and clear and put the fireworks back,Give Xiao Zheng girl and star return season Baidao 大 大 大 观 观,There is still half left is the happiness they tonight.。
The sky is slow down.。
Yancheng Suburbs。
Zhou saw a big rocket,And the king of the Temple opened his hands and feet、Hold the rocket firm。
Group of people standing on the ground,Also high,I am staring at her hion.。
榆 王 殿 turned around to Zhou:“Can call your younger brother。”
Zhouzhi hurts the mouth。
to be honest,I am full of confusion in my heart.,Only on the one hand, I wish you Iban,He is not good to express it.,On the other hand, it is benefited from the ordinary manifestation of Nange.,For this confusing behavior, he already has a small resistance.。
Aiming in the eyes——
The Nang Ge’s eyes stared at the Rocket of the Rocket.,It seems that I can’t get so small.,It’s so good to sit on the rocket.。
Receipt,Zhou Zhi sighs to wish:
I wish you a noddion.,Flaunger lighter,Close the lead。
Lead wire is fast。
I wish the two engraved in Mars.,I quickly recovered my hand and twisted my head.,Holding the hand of the wooden pole is hardly hard,I can’t fly from the rocket.。 Under the King of the Temple, the next ring posture is adjusted.,Hold more tight。
“call out!!”
The rocket suddenly rushed into the sky,The sharp harsh voice has almost covered the slash。
Wide dark blue night sky blowing a bright flame flower。
The small head of the group is almost vertical.,Eyes wide,Round,Mouth,The whole cat stays。
after awhile,She slightly slightly turned down.,Look at the vicinity,But limited to height and standing too close,The face of the vision and the sky are not much different from the sky.,She made a complete saying that she made a complete sentence.: