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next moment,The whole restaurant has set off a flash。

Da da da……
Rumbled sound,This is not a car,But……Spiral roar。
I only see half an air,A helicopter is far from far and near,Circle after a week,Raded down on the lawn in front of the Western restaurant。
When you see a helicopter,Everyone has grown up,Then the last one is excited and look forward to。
In a complex eyes,The hatch is slowly opened。
More than a dozen bodyguards wearing black clothes,Alert,immediately,An old man appears in the hatch,Slow down。
Saying is the old man,But he looks more like a middle age of 40 years old,Excellent,Walking in a gray in Zhongshan,Face like a knife,Poker face,Not angry。
Zhou Ximing。
Zhou Qianfu’s father,The contemporary family of the Years family。
Behind him,It is a young man in a suit.,Youth with a pair of glasses,Look at the stabbism,Human animal is harmless。
Only those who really understand the insider know,This seemingly assistant youth,It is the close bodyguard of Zhou Xun,It is a super master。
“Mr. Zhou will actually come personally……”
“Yes,did not expect。”
“Nothing strange,Who is not known in the circle, Mr. Zhou Middle-aged,Holding Zhou Shao。”
While the restaurant is whispered,Also turn your attention to the direction of the Town of the Top。
No one knows,This is a good show.。
At this moment。
Zhou Ximing has been helicopter,Not directly come in,It is standing in the same place.,Is it waiting for?。
“Old beans……”
A crying and crying,Zhou Qian fell in the support of two bodyguards,Fall into the fall。
Run together,Han Jingjing,Face on cheeks still remain clear,It looks like a wolf。
Seeing two people so miserable,Zhou Xun’s face is now gloomy,That double original calm scorpion suddenly flashed a cooler,Soon disappear。
“Old beans,I,I almost see you.……”
Zhou Millennolic,Like a child who is wronged, I saw a loved ones.。
Han Jingjing did not speak,Tears, but it’s all right.。
At this time,The young man wearing glasses is coming,Quickly check it again in Zhou,soon,A aperattable dignity between the look。
Look at him so expression,Zhou Xunming has a nervous asked。
“Very professional technique。”Youth looks around Zhou Ming,“No fatal,It will make people feel unhappy。”
Rao is a case where the doctors are not surprised to get the windy waves.,I can’t help change color.。
He understands the other story of the other party.。
It is now the autumn,Will no one is deliberate to Zhoujia?